My favorite naughty memories of Sarah  

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1/9/2006 3:42 am

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My favorite naughty memories of Sarah

Seperated by a room full of people in an office I looked over at Sarah and knew what her naughty mind was thinking. Our eyes telling each other what we wanted from each other. It was enjoyable losing my concentration, wanting to just take Sarah there on the table.

Then there was the day we were standing very close to each other, the urge to just grab her became so strong that I did. Locked in a hungry kiss, or tongues met, teasing each other as our hands began to wander. There was no time to make it to the bedroom, our clothes shed quickly as we found the kitchen counter. I placed Sarah there and gave her body what it craved, our quivering bodies sharing the deepest of climaxes we both have ever felt, while still in the hungry lustful kiss that started it all.

Another ride in the car, this one turned naughty as Sarah made things easy for me this day, wearing a skirt with her panties removed for me.
Her seductive smile was all it took, as we soon found ourselves in the back of the car enjoying
ourselves as the cars drove by us.

In my office was the naughtiest of all. We bravely explored each other's fantasies and tried a few too. And left each other deeply satisfied and so very sore too.

I miss Sarah, and hope she can come back to me.
Maybe if she reads this blog she will.

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