Love hurts  

rm_Dom_Male_4U 57M
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1/8/2006 5:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Love hurts

I met a woman a year and a half ago. There was much attraction between us. Or at least I was led to believe so.

She carelessly used powerful words with me, including the most powerful word of all...LOVE.
It is a shame that people can throw words out like that without giving it a second thought as to how it will affect the person hearing it.

But when you trust someone like I did her, you do not have doubts. You believe them and thier sincerity. We spent some wonderful moments together too. They meant a lot to me. My heart soon became involved.

I told her that I loved her, but she didn't want to hear it. She told me that everyone that ever told her they loved her had broken her heart. And I promised to never break hers. So instead, she decided to break mine. I didn't deserve this. All I ever did was treat her well.

I know that love has to come from both sides,and she once showed me this, made me feel it too. But she chose to turn that all off and push me away. She prefers the attention of the fake phony people on this site over the real attention I gave her.

She told me stories of how she had been hurt, feeling used by a few men she has met. The words were feeling like a washed up whore? I never made her feel that way. And if I did she never said so. All I did was care deeply for her.

I hope she is happy now in where she is. And I hope she will find what she's looking for. I have these wonderful memories of her, but I can not think about them anymore because they were not real. Its best to put them where they belong, way behind me and as a dream I was able to touch briefly.

Still it hurts, a huge scar. I still care about her. Love her too...but I have to put this where it belongs. My feelings were for someone that I thought was in the real world. But she never was.

Love sucks...its always painful.
But I have no regrets except for the
pain part. And I would do it all over again
too. She was worth it, the love of my life.

sassybelle21 32F
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1/8/2006 5:49 am

Love hurts but if you really love somebody, it is better for you to let go. If it's meant to be, you guys will be together later if not now.

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
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1/8/2006 5:56 am

I feel for you because I recently had this happen to me. Hell my cyber lover went as far to pose as himself, his girlfriend, his friends a couple on AdultFriendFinder and his brother!!!! God knows who else I talk to that is still him. What a LOSER

I just dont understand why people want to do the things they do. I mean do they really get their kicks out of it!

Blogging, writing poems really helped me heal.

Big hug to you!

Purry {=}


moonfire2u 69F
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1/8/2006 6:09 am

My heart hurts for you. What I find is the people you encounter the older you become have their own scars and their own damaged heart. She may have loved you...but her fears and scars were way too deep to love you in the way you needed or wanted...give yourself time to heal...forgive her...she has her own demons to solve...and forgive yourself...for loving...heal now...but don't give up on love...hugs to you.

kind thoughts,

rm_n2uqt 44M/44F
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1/8/2006 6:52 am

Dom Male,
I feel for you my friend and it sounds like this lady is one that likes to lead a man on, and on and on. Sounds like she likes to control the realationship and when she said the "Love" word it was her way of controlling the realationship. As soon as you returned the favor and opened up to her, then her game was over, she was called out and someone actually felt for her and she didn't know how to handle that. Sounds like she has been hurt in the past be patient because if you love something set it free, if it comes back it was meant to be. And if not, then think of what a wonderful time you did have and the memories that you can take with you and what you have learned. Love is not easy and I don't think we all have the answers, I think that some of us are afraid of being able to love just one person. I always say, It's better to have loved one than to have never loved at all. I would always welcome an experience rather than not one at all.

Good Luck,

SecretEarNoTears 47F  
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1/8/2006 7:35 am's ok & oh so useful to forgive but not forget...

rm_jynxgurl 29F
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1/8/2006 8:38 am

Love hurts but it so worth the hurt. She closed herslf off from love because she was hurt in the past and inflicted that same hurt uon you, it is not fair, but thats the way it is. Please do not continue the cycle and keep yourself open to love, it will find you. There is so many people out there that will love you the way you want to be loved, do not give up. I hope you find one of those people and that they mend your broken heart...

rm_Dom_Male_4U 57M

1/8/2006 12:05 pm

It does hurt very badly. And I don't expect her to come back to me. I don't think she was ever here. But I agree its her past that prevents her from enjoying the wonderful feeling that love is. Its time for me to move on. We all say that we shall never love again
after feeling its pain, but I know when I find it I shall feel it again, as it is not controllable. But I won't become like she has, refusing it from entering her life.

I do wish her well, and I have forgiven her. She's not a bitch, but just a very confused person that needs to find herself. I pray she does one day.

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