Peformance Anxiety and other thoughts on sex  

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6/27/2006 10:13 am

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Peformance Anxiety and other thoughts on sex

As I think about becoming sexually active with someone new for the first time in 25 years, I find myself excited but also anxious. Do women suffer from performance anxiety? I mean, if a woman is nervous does it really affect the sex that much. As the foreplay works it's magic, aren't you still going to get hot and wet and be all good? If us guys are all freaked out about satisfying our woman, the cock freaks out, doesn't get as hard as needed or stay that way and boom, ego destruction. I'm a crappy lover! I forgot how to do it! AGGGGGHHHHH.

This got me to thinking, "What do women really like in bed?" Do they really want that 8 inch cock that stays hard for hours? The young stud that can cum 4-5 times a night? Is it really pleasurable to just be pounded endlessly like that or do you prefer a guy that can mix it up some? Go down on you for 10-15 minutes, get you wet and excited, maybe even have a nice little orgasm, the slide up on top of you and enter you. Fuck you for 10-15 minutes, building you up closer to your orgasm and then pull out suddenly and drop back down to lick you some more. Driving you crazy with the different sensations, making you really want to cum but not letting you just yet? Someone that will touch and lick and kiss and taste and explore every inch of you? Because that is what I like to do. Sometimes hot, fast, sweaty, "I just need to cum" sex is great but I really like for it to last a long time. Would love to hear from others out there. Maybe even a poll in the future.

Last thing, I haven't had to wear a condom in 24 years. Have they made them better? Because back in the stone age, I couldn't feel hardly anything. Thinner, stronger, ribbed, lubed, special receptacles... god, so many choices. Help me out ladies, what is the condom of choice for the discerning female?

Thanks for listening. All comments are welcome.

witty1960 56F

6/27/2006 3:08 pm

Well of course women get performance anxiety silly. That's why one night stands usually aren't the best sex with a person, unless of course you're looking for that "I just need to come sex". To get to the incredible, mind-blowing sex you're talking about, it takes the comfort level to not have to worry about all the bullshit, and cumming is the easy part lol. Condoms are a girls best friend, no mess, in the pussy, no mess in the bed lol. Why is it we always end up sleeping in the wet spot????

And yes, the best sex is hours long, but filled with all the positions and sensations that make you want more, and more, and more. Have fun and good luck. And everyone wants a big cock, men want to own one, women want to fuck one, and yet there's more to sexual satisfaction than size. Although it never hurts lol.

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6/30/2006 11:35 am

Thanks for the support Shy. I am actually worried about the opposite. I think I will be SO hard, I might hurt someone. Kidding, not large enough for that but will probably feel like it. And I do know how to use the other gifts I have been given to please a woman, thank God for those.

Glad to hear you have found that special someone. Thanks again for the comment.

Take care

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