New phase of my life?  

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8/16/2006 11:24 am
New phase of my life?

It seems as though I am entering a new chapter in my life. And I think it might involve SEX! How about that? Find myself thinking there is nothing wrong with exploring the more casual side of sex. Not cheap one night stands where you never talk to the person again but just fun, exciting, sexually pleasureable experiences outside of a long term relationship. Have never done that in my life and now am thinking, Why not? As long as both parties are honest up front about what it is, everyone can come away happy and satisfied. Always nice to make new friends and if they come with "benefits", even better.

Will keep this blog posted on ane experiences. Might not ever get read by anyone but me but will do it anyway.

So, I wonder if there are couples out there with a woman who always wondered about two guys? Want a volunteer who is safe? No babies from this guy. Disease free. No stray sex for 24 plus years (yet) Or ladies close to my age looking for a sensuous, playful guy who knows how to please. Think I might take some time and look around. Who knows what I might find?

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