How does your "Garden" grow?  

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7/1/2006 1:38 pm

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7/6/2006 11:36 pm

How does your "Garden" grow?

Was reading the latest edition of "Men's Health" and there was a little survey on women's attitudes toward how they keep their pubic hair. Younger women are more likely to have their's shaved or trimmed where as the older women seem to prefer natural or lightly trimmed. I have read about women getting really creative with it and shaving landing strips, initials, hearts, etc., but have never been with a completely shaved woman. Now I admit to a certain curiosity as to whether the shaved, closely trimmed feel is better for sex or if you get friction burns from those really wonderful sex sessions? Woudn't mind finding out sometime but that is a topic for another post.

Back to main thought: I thought this was interesting and wondered if their was a similar trend among us guys? I personally tend to trim somewhat close usually more for comfort, added visual enhancement and neatness. Nothing worse than a long stray pubic hair getting caught in your throat just as the blow job is getting really good. Or the going down on women for that matter. Nothing like "ACKKK, HACCKKKKK, HUHHHHHCK, PFTTTTT. Whew, where were we?" to spoil the moment. Even shaved my balls once just to see what it felt like. I actually kinda liked it but the ex didn't care for it. And then it started to grow back and get all itchy and that was that.

So guy, let's do our own little survey and ladies, feel free to express your preferences.

Shaved, trimmed, natural? What do you prefer?

witty1960 56F

7/6/2006 1:36 pm

Well I finally shaved mine, not much of a loss since it was kind of wild like Don King hair lol. It's a bitch to keep up though and can, as all women know from their bikini line, cause problems with ingrown hairs. I like a man shaved and it's nice as you said for oral not to have those stray loose hairs. Don't think it matters in the end, if you do it well enough, a hair or two won't ruin it lol.

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