Nude Travel Club?  

rm_DoctorC 65M
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5/28/2005 7:52 am

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3/10/2006 10:24 am

Nude Travel Club?

Blogs are really cool. They let you actually unleash some ideas you've been thinking of for eons and share the wealth. Yea I'm over 50 and lived a good life of both straight and early years of swinging when it was new and exciting in Florida. My ex (Sue- well Susie-Q) as she was known by the others in our somewhat large Social Group in the early 70's. We were in our twenty's and both fit and trim, her 5' petite size and very perky C++ cups were a real attraction to the guys and I loved watching her have sex with both men and women, as a true voyeur has a sexual experience just watching and of course joining in with vigor. Back when there were only community bulliten boards to write to local contacts I used to write true stories of many of our episodes and actually had a following of mostly women that really enjoyed the tales of tails. I'd really rather share these over a campfire or while on a trip to Las Vegas or another fun outing with a group of friends that enjoy discussing sex and rock and roll, as I don't now or ever did drugs. Not even Viagra as a good attitude and a good woman is all you need to make the flowers grow. If you like, I'll share a few for you newcomers to the swing scene or alt lifestyles as there is a strong bond between the two groups in that one partner is usually dom and the other the servant. I like to role play both halves of that and can enlighten many hard to move partners with just discussions on this.

Here's a for instance and a check list for uninterested partners that you may wish to take on a junket (that's short for a trip to Vegas to meet others for a weekend of sex and fun), suppose it's the wife that is holding out.

1. Be extra nice to her, do things that you used to do in the beginning, dinner out, back rubs and slow build up for intimate sessions. Don't just fuck her. She really wants intimacy.

2. Discuss real world lifestyles and slowly plant the seed for experimentation, perhaps a snapshot of a swinging guy or couple that you have laying around or bring it to her attention. She really will think about it but not commit as it is a major leap and people don't like major leaps, rather slow steps. Get her to shave all the pubes if she isn't already doing this as it's much better to lick a smooth ice cream cone than cats tail. Her sensuality will begin to rise when you lick her silly for as long as she can stand it. Licking pussy is where it's at when you want to win at this step. Lick and lick until she screams for dick and remember that. You know what to do from here, and a few sessions of good hard fucking, then you bring in some resources such as a girl or guy you've met for threesomes or even a couple but first concentrate on her needs. The one most important thing is DON'T just fuck her but fuck her until she is really happy with sex again.

3. Discuss the dom/slave relationships and practice in fun at changing places. She will learn what her best role is and let her have that. Either way you win. Now any discussions thus far? Can I offer you any Travel Plans to meet and greet new people. Study my profile and write me.

specialsmile6 60F
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5/28/2005 10:04 am

Doctor C. Hi there. well I must say that I found your blog rather interesting, riveting and inspiring, not to mention,informative. This does confirm that you are a connossieur, a man of quality and substance who really takes time out to truly study and analyse ladies and your partner in particular and then apply the correct prescriptive remedy aND antidote.

I am a Caribbean 'lady' living in one of the larger Caribbean islands and I would really love to talk with you and discuss and explore some ideas. Can you please get in touch with me.

rm_DoctorC 65M
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6/1/2005 9:47 pm

Hi Dianne and thanks for the friendly reply. I love that. Never met a Caribbian I didn't like. I love places like that and the Bahamas for pleasurable escape and would welcome any "other end" help on the travel club aspect of any relationship I could make with you. You'll need to figure out on the profile the info is there to make a good hot contact with me, just read the bio. Guess I'll have to join this sometime so I can get to you people more freely. I have a good list of about 100 cool people right now and need more to form smaller groups so that I can then plan regular trips. Not everyone can go all the time. Next is coming up at the middle of June to Las Vegas. Perhaps Puerto Rico would also be a great destination. Great cruises and beaches over there. Post us a photo on here. (oh and keep it lickable) LOL

pusskins2000 40F

6/2/2005 11:35 am

So How do I get a ticket to one of your trips, and how much and all that? Cab I bring friends, do I get a room by myself or share?? inquireing minds, well you know.

rm_DoctorC 65M
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6/5/2005 4:05 pm

Hi sexyfit and pusskins, yea I knew about the members only reading the profiles, A guy has to try though and I didn't know the power of AdultFriendFinder until I got this going, Guess I may have to join. The other problem is many people really don't read and believe all the pass thru stuff, and think it is a way to get more spam to them. Not so in my case as you know. Noe=w, Pusskins..Glad you made the trip, you DO know how to compute LOL. Your ya*hoo pussy box should be screaming with guys/girls that want to go with you haha. I have some pix ready to look at with you to see which ones you'll want to put on here. The cost of the trips is just that. No profits added in now or ever. As time goes on I'll have plenty of input, like the Colorado River Rafting event, the various Stars that frequent those places, and just all out sex games. Stay tuned and please poke some suggestions at me of what you want to do aside from getting licked for three hours. Your idea of bussing down from Las Vegas to Laughlin on a private tour bus sounds good but I need about 10 more to make it a go. That may be the most exciting 90 mile trip I ever promoted haha. Incidently guys, pusskins is an exhibionist FIRST CLASS, and won't be wearing any panties. She said she got some for her 21'st birthday that she still can wear if the occassion is just too formal, but has only used them 3 times !! That may be a record. Of course when I met her, she had on slacks but I didn't see the panty lines there either. I will have to vote for her lifestyle as she has never been arrested, never been harressed at work, so she says, and never has trouble getting a guy to notice her. Maybe, just maybe we've been listening to the wrong sermons!

rm_EE407 41F
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6/20/2005 2:35 pm

I gotta admit, u got me curious... Write away hunz... and let us share..

rm_DoctorC 65M
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7/25/2005 10:54 pm

I can handle the convention, but it would have to be in a hotelsetting as food and facilities are the problem there. Sorry I've been sidetracked lately. Coming back down to reality.

rm_DoctorC 65M
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3/10/2006 10:21 am

Found a great resource in a match doctor web that's got me going in another but important direction. Real Estate Purchases! I've been on this site for sometime now and only found one especially good partner (Pusskins) who now resides in Las Vegas and has a lot of friends down there to party with so I guess I'm just chopped liver again. Even though my info is just as easy as reading the original profile, members here would rather go for the paid subscribers and for this reason I may be bowing out to persue the elusive mates in other dot coms that offer free hooks as I really can't stay with the game on a daily basis and that's what it takes. I really get turned on by the fem ads that show a little and suggest more but then find out many are just name catchers for their financial interests but not ALL! If I could find just one gal with a hot bottom that wants to fly with me, I'd probably change my mind but thus far, it's losing battle. Gals, tell me if you are havingg the same problem on your end, and do re-read my hot male mail info on the profile pages.

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