The Whole AFF Chat Room Thing  

rm_DocSpender 62M/44F
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3/13/2006 11:11 pm
The Whole AFF Chat Room Thing

Yes, I do go there (The Texas Room) but I seldom post because, based on the pictures I've seen, the men are all beer-bellied, middle-aged gents in gimme caps who seem proud that their fat stops at their oversized belt buckles. Below the belt there appears to be little underneath the denim but an undersized wanker and "barely" an ass in the back, all supported by matchstick-thin legs. Brutal.
As bad, the women are of the "Gotta Go To Wal-Mart Once A Day" mode, complete with teased up hair, horrible teeth and seriously over-taxed purple stretch pants. Did I mention their enormous, saggy boobs that hang in very old bras and are encased in old, worn-out "Motley Crue Tour '82" T-Shirts.
UNDERSTAND: I am not...NOT... talking about the bloggers or those who blog and sometimes go to the chat rooms, ok? I'm talking about the people who LIVE there and have (seemingly) no other life (and you know of whom I speak).
So... ummmmmmm... am I coming off as an asshole here? Probably.
The truth is that I could care less. The Texas Room is unfriendly and most of the denizens are extremely rude.
So... ummmmmmm... am I coming off as an overly sensitive bitch spitting out sour grapes over being ignored there? Probably.
Again, I don't care. I wouldn't fuck the best looking person posting on the AdultFriendFinder Texas message board. I just don't care for rude behavior... especially when it's behavior perpetrated by those who live in MY state. Ours is supposedly a friendly place.
Fuck 'em, I say... y'know, not literally... but, really, fuck 'em all.
Thanks to those among you who are accepting of others and understanding of the fact that some of us are scared shitless about posting. Thanks for being cool.
I will always do the same.

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