The Waitress - Part III  

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6/6/2005 8:27 am

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The Waitress - Part III

Grinding my face into her pelvis she crying out through clinched face and her bottom thoroughly drenched with her passion nectar. I continued to lap her deeply until her quake subsided and she pushed me away as she weakly crawled away from me. She managed a half-laugh...half-smile between gasps of air and sat up. She removed her
disheveled blouse and was totally bare. She was no thin waif or Barbie doll but possessed a mature figure...a beauty made better by the years.

And I could have gazed upon her forever...

Yet that would not do! She crawled over to me and kissed me full on the mouth - no doubt tasting herself as her tongue weaved and bobbed with mine. She pulled back and unbuttoned my shirt. She cast it aside and we were both nude. She pulled me close and we kissed again.



Aggressive kisses.

She clutched my straining penis and stroked it as she released her mouth from mine and started kissing me on my neck...the shoulders...and down my chest. I caressed her back as she teased...her tongue whipping across my nipples which hardened when she softly bit them. She toyed with me...causing me to jolt when she bit me hard one last time and continue kissing downward. Driving me crazy as her hot mouth kissed and licked around my hips and thighs. I wasn't prepared for the electricity than ran through me as she took me into her mouth...slowly licking and sucking the head of my penis. I could have came right then and there. But she tightened her grasp and proceeded to lick and taunt me the length of my shaft...her subtle tongue causing me to sigh and moan. She cupped my scrotum in her hand and ran her tongue beneath my penis and from one side to the other. She would lovingly tease me one moment and then suck me hard with abandon with the next. I wanted her to bring me to climax in the worst way...pushing my hips toward her as she took me well into her mouth... She nipped me instead and continue her squeeze and tongue play. She lifted her mouth and rose up to rub my wet penis against her breasts... She continued to stroke me and relished her control. She rose up and straddled me...her wet thighs clinging to the sides of my hips as she clutched my penis and rubbed me against her outer labia and up against her clitoris. Then she lowered herself and took my penis within her...gradually easing herself until she
had my full member inside her…

She sat motionless for a still I could feel the throb of her pulse as her vagina held me tight. And she gradually began a rocking motion...ever so gently lifting up and down. I raised my hands and she pressed them against her breasts...helping to keep her upright as our hips met with more frequency. She lowered herself and we kissed....long,
hot kisses as we held one another close...joined as one in the most intimate of embraces. I ran my hands through her hair and down her back...stopping to caress her bottom and enjoying its allure. She lifted up and I cupped one of her breasts...raising my mouth to suck her nipple as we continued to the push our hips against each other. She moaned as I
sucked hard on her breasts...causing to buck harder and harder against me. I tasted her sweetness and wanted to take every drop. She let me pleasure her breasts a while and then fell back...thrusting harder. I felt myself coming close to the edge and pushed her hips away. I motioned for her to lie on her stomach. I straddled her...resting my penis on the cleft of her bottom. I bent down to kiss the back of her neck and shoulders...smelling her hair and teasing her as I kissed her behind the ear. I continued planting little kisses across her shoulders and down her back...her skin soft to the touch. I glided down further
and glazed my tongue across her lower back and hips. She raised her hips as I began kissing her bottom...planting butterfly kisses and teasing her with the light trace of my tongue. I enjoyed hearing her giggle and sway her hips as I kissed the back and inside of her thighs. I parted her legs and raised her tongue traveling from the small of her back to her cleft and back again. She sighed hard as my tongue circled and pressed against her anal flower - moving herself against my mouth and rocking her hips side to side. I pleasured her with my tongue...lowering myself to tease her labia and clitoris as well. I kissed back upwards...kissing her bottom again and journeying back up her back and shoulders. I raised up and brought her bottom against my hips...entering her slowly.

We rocked back and forth....building up our rhythm...thrusting harder and harder against each other...her bottom quivering as my hips slapped against her. She pulled forward and rolled over on her back...pulling me to her. We met with a kiss as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deep inside her. And we kissed. And rocked. Our thrusts became harder and harder...our kisses hungrier as we melded as one...forgetting where the part of me ended and the part of her began. We pumped harder....the heat building inside...
Harder. Faster.

Hot. Deeper. Touching. Holding. Wet. Sweating. Hard. Breathing. Harder. Gasping. Rocking. Kissing. Faster. Thrusting. Kissing. Oh...... Yes.... Harder. Pumping. Oh.....Kissing. Auggggghhhh! Kissing! Oh..... Cumming....... Yes. Yes...... Harder......Cum.....Cum with me....Kiss me...Kiss me....Don't let me go...KISS ME!!!!! Ohhhhh. Ohhhhhh!!!


Hello, Sir…?!

Excuse me, Sir?!!

I looked up from my daze. She was at my table. Smiling in a quizzical way as I lowered the paper I'd glazed into. I was embarrassed and said nothing as she poured my hot water. But, I looked at her fully for the first time.

And smiled.

A beautiful woman.

A wonder in my ordinary world.

A lady.

A waitress...

My darling…

My cup of tea.

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6/6/2005 6:19 pm

Dion baby...this was utterly fantastic...makes me want to trade in my hospital scrubs for a waitresses apron....hmmmm maybe you could write me a bedtime story about a patient nurse fantasy...looking forward to more bedtime stories sugar...

rm_SprocketGrrl 44F

9/3/2007 11:30 pm

Yes, please

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