The Waitress - Part II  

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6/6/2005 8:25 am

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The Waitress - Part II

I curled myself up at the knees and tried to cover myself as I threw the pants in her direction and turned away...wishing my shirt could stretch and cover the rest of me. However, she took the pants and pinned them upside down on a hanger to hang them a nail in the back of the door - plugging in and positioning the heater as she did.

And then I heard the unmistakable click of the dead bolt being deployed as the door was locked shut.

She slowly walked to me...then knelt down beside me. Quietly she touched my knee - which sent a jolt up my spine. I tried to tighten myself up further into a ball but it was no use...I was in a corner with no pace to go and embarrassed beyond words.

"Are you okay?"

And with than she gently pulled my knees apart and glanced down at my thighs...and it look as if I was one large red welt from the waist down to mid thigh. She looked me over thoroughly and grabbed another towel. She dipped in cold water in the sink and started giving me cold dabs between thighs and my lower abdomen. She was so loving with her touch.

So reassuring.


And I found myself getting an erection.

I tried closing my legs and turning aside but she blocked by knee with her arm and clutched my growing member directly. I looked at her and our eyes met. She gave me a reassuring smile yet held her grasp. She leaned forward and our lips brushed in a kiss. Her lips were soft...and I felt a wisp of her breath as she kissed me again.

And I kissed her back.

Exchanging butterfly kisses as I closed my eyes. I smelled her skin and savored a touch of what smelled like strawberries. Our kisses became more ambitious and she opened her mouth...her tongue teasing as it darted across my lips. I parted my mouth and kissed her
likewise. Our tongues flirted and danced as our kissing became more passionate. I reached up and gently cradled the back of her head...pulling her closer to me as our kisses became more hungry. My erection was full and throbbed in her hand. I lower my knees and opened my legs wider...raising my hips in response to her touch. She pulled back and started to unbutton her blouse with her free hand. I reached up and helped her to complete the task. She leaned forward and I unclasped her bra...releasing her breasts which were full and mature...featuring dark brown nipples that were very pronounced as they hardened. I parted her blouse and cupped her left breast...feeling its fullness as my tongue glided across her nipple. She pulled me to her and I began a slow adoration of her breasts...kissing it from top to its curve below its dark aureole the nipple and back tongue circled her nipple slowly...wetting the bumpy rise with each pass. I closed my mouth over her nipple and started to suck lightly - my faced pressed into her breast as she leaned closer to me with a deep sigh. I kissed and sucked her breast and felt it harden as a lavished more attention. After a while she guided me to her right breast - which I kissed and sucked with abandon. I could even taste a bit of sweet milk as her nipple opened under my attention to her. I could have been happy simply pleasuring her
breasts...devoting my mouth and tongue to her desire. Yet I submitted to the guidance her hand...running her fingers through my hair and pulling me tightly to her bosom before pushing me lower from her breasts to her tummy. I kissed her midriff slowly - planting my lips subtly over her soft skin as I journeyed lower. Her belly button was a deep hollow - which I teased and poked with my tongue...causing her to squirm with my
ticklish play. But, she wanted my mouth else and pushed me lower still. I found the zipper for her skirt and tugged it down to its end. I beckoned her to lie back and kissed her a long deep kiss before turning my attention to her skirt. I unbutton the clasp and lifted up her bottom...allowing me to remove her skirt and panties. Glancing down I
noticed her pale milky thighs which were taunt and firm. Her abdomen was flat and smooth - her mons shaved and void of hair...exciting me beyond measure. I parted her legs and placed one leg across my neck and shoulder as I lowered to touch and kiss her thighs...licking the side of the thigh to its juncture with her bottom and crossed to pleasure the other thigh. I put a hand beneath the cleft of her bottom and lifted her
up to me...planting long deliberate kisses to her outer labia...and capturing the scent of jasmine and her own feminine musk. She rose her hips against my mouth in a slow gradual rhythm. She let out a gasp as my tongue parted her intimate flower and tasted her inner flesh. My tongue did a slow passion play as I delved deeper into her wetness and rose upward to explore her womanhood. She pressed my face hard against her as her rhythmic thrusts became more frequent and her breathing became harder. Her thighs tightened and a groan came from her lips as I closed my mouth around her clitoris and sucked gently - pressing her budding member as I rolled it around in my tongue. At the same time I plied a finger against the minute bridge of skin between her vulva and her anal flower...slippery with her growing wetness. As her thrusting became more prominent I inserted my finger gradually into her tender wetness...inserting it in time with her gyrations. My tongue flirted and danced with her clitoris causing her moans to become more pronounced. I pulled out my finger which was sopping wet from our play and started a circular motion around her anal flower which puckered at my attention.

She bucked hard against me and growled as my finger penetrated her tight orifice.

She came hard…!

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