The Master Teaches the Way of the Enlightened Tongue - Part VII  

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The Master Teaches the Way of the Enlightened Tongue - Part VII

Diana's words trailed off as a loud series of moans came forth from the maiden. Germanicus had inserted two long fingers into the young woman as he sucked on her clitoris and had worked her into a heightened state of arousal and pleasure. The bucking of her hips became fast and hard against to the face of Germanicus almost to the point of assault. When the orgasm finally came, the young woman dug her fingernails into the back of his head as her thick, musky ejaculate washed over his face Germanicus also held her tight until the tremors of her orgasm subsided. The maiden's sob-like breaths were deep and rapid while Germanicus rested his head on the lower part of her stomach and pelvis. His partially-sideways recline revealed that the young man had also reached orgasm ‒ coating the inside of his left thigh and several pillows with thick pearlish semen.

Diana smiled and administered one last bit of teaching while gazing upon the resting youths.

"You may find, my young man, that a woman may be interested in more oral stimulation from you if you are up to the task. Some women can move into another orgasm and still more with steady stimulation. If your mouth or tongue tires, give it rest, but replace the stimulation with your hand or fingers (unless she wants a rest as well). It can take women longer to come than men, and many women are anxious about this. Whatever you do, don't make her feel bad about how long it is taking, and remain at her pleasure for as long as it takes to bring her satisfaction. She will be forever grateful if you take these lessons to heart and employ them."

Diana stood up and quietly crept out of the room ‒ letting the youths rest alone. She walked down the corridors to a balcony that faced the main Roman basilica. The old nurse mused to herself with thoughts of days long gone when she learned of love as well.

The young man had done well today and the maiden she had personally selected was very responsive to her pupil's attentions. Nevertheless, there were more lessons to learn with other pleasures to unfold. These two will do well and be great in their affections for one another. This would be their tribute to her and her joy for them.

She partially covered her eyes while smiling toward the sun. Then turned and walked away…

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