The Master Teaches the Way of the Enlightened Tongue - Part IV  

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The Master Teaches the Way of the Enlightened Tongue - Part IV

And with that, Diana placed Germanicus's hand on the upper thigh of the young woman and guided him to touch skin with long but soft motions traveling up and down the length of the thigh. After a few moments, Diana released her hand so that he could continue touching on his own. She then crept over to where she could recline herself within a whisper of her student's ear. As she watched Germanicus's deliberate motions she leaned over and began to speak…

"Many women prefer to be touched, kissed, and caressed to where they are very aroused in order to enjoy cunnilingus or intimate stimulation of their most precious femininity. Take your time about exploring her body and becoming familiar with her body. Let your fingertips become your eyes and use your mouth all over her body. Not only will this bring her pleasure ‒ it will give her a sure glimpse of what will follow."

Germanicus took this message to heart and began giving soft kisses to the young maiden's upper right thigh near the hip while a slightly trembling hand began to caress the woman's left breast. He slowly kissed and caressed his way down her body from her hips to the top of her feet and then up again to the upper crests of her neck and shoulders. Each touch gained him knowledge concerning the delicate form and beauty of woman ‒ thrilling him from the rise of her firm breasts to the frail warmth of the inner thighs. The kisses and tongue play illuminated the softness and taste of her body and giving measure to how well she responded to his attention.

Diana was pleased with how well Germanicus gave serious care to explore the maiden's body and develop variations on how he used his hands to caress and the different types of kisses or licks he used to provide pleasure. The young woman moaned regularly and gasped with her hips thrusting in the air towards him when he sucked on her hardening nipples or let his tongue travel the inner length of her thighs. Diana also smiled while she noted that Germanicus sported a sizeable erection with a thick reddened head noticeably throbbing in its excitement. She leaned forward to continue her instruction.

"It is now important to get comfortable. She can remain lying on her back or sit back in a reclining position with her knees bent and her legs spread open. As for you, my son? You can compliment her position by lying on your stomach with your head poised over her womanhood or vulva while your arms are hooked under her thighs."

Diana then moved to the side nearest the young woman and whispered in her ear. The matron then helped her sit up and employ the position she had mentioned to Germanicus moments earlier. The maiden attempted to close her thighs again yet a quick whisper into her ear by Diana as well as an authoritative hand upon her knee informed her that her natural modesty was not required during this lesson.

Diana angled herself to Germanicus and untied his blindfold…

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damn you can write.. thanks for that break.

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