The Master Teaches the Way of the Enlightened Tongue - Part 3  

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The Master Teaches the Way of the Enlightened Tongue - Part 3

Diana took Germanicus's hand and led him out of the bath and proceeded to have a nearby servant apply clothes to dry him. His body was then pampered with a light application of oil that softened and smoothed the skin until it glistened. After he was prepared, the servant was dismissed and the teacher proceeded to lead her student to another room down the corridors from the bath. Diana pulled back a curtain and led her blindfolded student to a room that was smaller, quieter, and more private. She then tugged his hand downward - prompting Germanicus to kneel on the floor….a floor adorned with an assortment of pillows.

"You may relax for a moment. However, be prepared for the lesson to resume and trust my judgment."

And with that, he felt a slight breath of wind as if someone had parted the curtain to leave the room. While it was tempting to try to remove his veil for a peak at his surroundings, he knew that his mentors were not above a mischievous deception or two to trip a student up. As he pondered this he heard the curtain being drawn again…a little bit longer this time. He felt small steps being trod on the pillows next to him and heard the soft easing recline of a person lying very close to him… The hair stood up on the back of his neck as to what would happen next…

Diana spoke…

"Some lessons in life are taught in the abstract or in theory while others are strictly vocational. For this lesson to be learned you must use your senses….touch….smell… taste…and even sight. For now, you shall rely on the first three senses and follow as I direct you. Again, I advise you to trust my direction…"

And with that he heard Diana step from behind his direction to go around to the presence who was lying next to him. He heard and felt the person lying next to him being moved or shifted. He then felt his hand being taken as Diana prompted him to move inward toward her. As he did so he felt his body making contact with skin far softer than his own. He was startled a bit but Diana held him firmly and laughed.

"Germanicus…it is not I that you will be touching but a girl far younger and suited to your age. Do not be afraid for both of you are my charges and each one will learn of the other in intimate ways. Touch her gently and explore the beauty of her body with your fingertips."

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