The Master Teaches the Way of the Enlightened Tongue - Part 2  

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6/16/2005 6:03 pm

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The Master Teaches the Way of the Enlightened Tongue - Part 2

"Today is a special day for the lessons you will learn will serve you well as long as you employ them often and never forget them ‒ even as you grow old. You will soon be of age to take a bride. However, it is of the highest importance that you learn the ways of pleasing your bride in a manner that will bring peace to your bed. Though there are many ways to explore, touch, and stimulate your bride…what you must learn today is known as 'the way of the tongue'.

"First, you must prepare yourself. I have had a bath prepared for you and you must bathe thoroughly. Make sure your hands are clean and your nails are trimmed as you will probably want to use your hands as your mouth for this endeavor. You must also shave your stubble so that your skin may be as smooth as when you were small. Even a young beard such as yours can cause irritation to a woman's sensitive parts."

And with this information, Diana produced a small blade with a sharp knife and began applying it to the light stubble on Germanicus's face as the lad sat still…making gentle and effective scrapes against his checks and chin until his face was indeed as smooth as a young child. After shaving her pupil, she gently dried his face with a cloth and then applied a delicate salve to keep his face soft and moist. As she did this she continued to teach him.

"While some of your ruffian friends are loathe to consider it, daily bathing as well as bathing before an intimate session of love with your bride will eliminate any anxiety you might have about her taste or smell. Be it known that the most intimate parts of a woman are endowed with the scent of Venus ‒ the goddess of Love who rose from the foam of the sea. A wise man appreciates a woman for her natural scent and its powerful ability to arouse. However, as a man, you want to present yourself in a clean and freshened manner so that she might find you desirable without rancor. You might even suggest that the both of bathe together as this is an excellent manner to see witness in her natural beauty and compliment her. This is a must for both of you as it helps drive the initial discomfort or awkwardness concerning your body's state of affairs away."

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