The Master Teaches the Way of the Enlightened Tongue - Part 1  

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The Master Teaches the Way of the Enlightened Tongue - Part 1

Young Germanicus was a student of the arts ‒ learning the requisite skills of reading, writing, philosophy, and the law in preparation for future leadership among the chiefs and elders of his village. He was blessed with a handsome fairness that drew attention from many of the young women and matrons who saw him frequently when he walked through the market or participated in games with his friends.

It was soon decided that Germanicus would end his studies with a well-respected matron of the village who most recently widowed yet no less enthusiastic in making sure that the young men of the village were well-prepared in all facets of life in the village including their obligations closer to home.

The matron ‒ a renowned woman of medicine known as Diana ‒ taught her charges respect for the hearth as well as wisdom with the purse. She was a vibrant teacher and it is said that the young men who abided by her wisdom praised her with great abundance and saw to it that she wanted for nothing.

In her final lessons, attentions were directed from practical civic concerns to those matters that were more intimate and carnal in nature. For this teaching, Germanicus was …blind-folded…sternly told to be silent… led to an unknown location…undressed… and brought into a room that smelled of incense and spices. There was the lilting sound of a lyre being played in another part of the abode not far away. Germanicus thought it strange that he should be rendered bare and led to such a place yet he trusted the matron to give her sacred teachings as she saw best.

Diana's voice broke through his senses...

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