The Diva  

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5/22/2005 11:03 am

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The Diva

You ascend the stage in silken black and draw full attention from the eyes that behold. You are are sound...vox humana...a diva in the fullest measure. As the lights dim and the baton is raised, I catch a glimpse from my front-row seat of that precious moment when you close your eyes and focus within. How I would love to be inside that moment and stop all time as I ascend the stage to fall upon my knees as I slip under your dress - the music I vision is a gentle interlude by a lone flute as I gaze upon the sheer fabric that covers your mons pubis. With daring fingers I proceed to slowly pull them down to expose your tender bare cleft as the strings flourish. I pull my face closer where my tongue becomes a baton and it begins with a slow tempo...back and forth...then up and instrument for your pleasure as the tempo rises and falls to the escalating beat of your heart. Cellos and woodwinds enrich the sound as my tongue enters deeper and deeper past the outer lips to the most inner folds of your labia minora. Your pelvis is in sync with the deep rhythm of horns and percussion as the full symphony hits its stride. You are a Stradivari and my tongue presses and pulls...licks and encircles...and strums along the fleshy strings lovingly as the passion builds...builds...builds...and ascends. You your hips grind into me...waves inside you rising and ebbing to with greater volume until your reach the pinnacle...a duet between an emboldened clitoris and knowing fingers that find and caress your reclusive high G. A deep tremor from within you rises to a crescendo and explodes with crashing cymbals and timpanis as you release a drench my face with a torrent mindful of Venus and her ocean ascension. Your voice cries out in exclamation with a brilliant fortissimo that shatters glass as it rises above the din. Sharps and flats abound as your most inner soul pulsates with a vibrato that overwhelms you...ode to joy!! And then you are spent...I gingerly withdrawl my mouth and release my hold...and the descends into a quiet place where only the enthusiastic applause of our hearts are found...

A moment in time for eternity...

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