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Many words have said before
Words are always said
About the wonders women posses
In the confines of their breasts
There are no globes in the heavens
Nor pearls in the sea
That can compare to their glory

Behold their complex nature as young babes
Suckle them for food and comfort

Acknowledge their significance as they herald
A girl’s transition into womanhood

Admire their prominence as they beckon
Awareness of a woman as she enters a room
Revel in their sexuality for to Touch their softness is to feel
The fabric of heaven

To Fondle and Caress in ecstasy is to pay homage to the
Wonder of creation
To Lick and Suckle such Treasures pleases both woman
and her lover
As the lover gives full measure of his
Devotion to her charms

To Nestle against the warm and gentle bosom gives more Peace and serenity to the ageless child
Than the structure of any shelter
In times of despair or uncertainty

Breasts inspire awe and wonder in the
Eye of the beholder
With no pair quite alike
Whether they are small and quiet as
The meekest waif
Or orotund and magnanimous Spherical titans
Noble and commanding in significance
Delicately pale as Oriental alabaster or as
Richly dark and brown as the sweetest Incan cocoa
They possess qualities that give
Pleasure to the senses
To adorn a woman like nothing else in creation

Beautiful roses of no thorn…

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