a story.......just a spur of the moment thing so if u have criticism be gentle :)  

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8/16/2006 4:24 pm

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a story.......just a spur of the moment thing so if u have criticism be gentle :)

As we make it to the front door of the hotel room we can barely keep our hands off of each other. We are both a little tipsy from the drinks we had downstairs and the conversation left us both feeling a bit hot for the other. At your suggestion we had discreetly paid and slipped out for the hotel across the street. You were literally hanging on me as got the key and by the time the elevator reached the floor our room was on i had already removed your panties from you and had begun playing with your already moist pussy.
As the door slams shut I fumble with the lock and latch to secure it as you fumble with my shirt, unbuttoning it and sliding it off my body, your soft hands running through the soft hair on my chest. I grab you up in my arms and pin you against the wall and rip open your blouse, a few buttons flying off. Kissing passionately, our lips have not seperated since making our way in the room. I reach down squeezing your breasts in my hand and then begin to kiss the top of your breasts as one hand moves back around to the clasp of your bra. I quickly pinch and unhook it letting it slide effortlessly from your body.
You lean up against the wall as I squeeze and gently knead your tits in my hand and I move down to softly suck and nibble on your nipples. Running your fingers through my hair you push my mouth onto your breast urging me on. I slowly kiss back up to your mouth, stopping to nibble on your neck and ear, and again our lips meet in a passionate connection. You can feel the rock hard growth in my pants but I have you where I want you now.
I slowly slide my hand down the front of your body, lifting up your short skirt and begin to robe your already wet pussy. I slowly rub my hand over your pussy lips, spreading them, and then rubbing the tips of my fingers over your clit. A shiver goes up and down your spine at the sensation of my touch. I begin to circle your clit slowly and also sliding my finger down inside you. My fingers curl to hit your G-spot as my thumb takes over on your clit. In an almost pinching motion I work my 2 fingers and thumb on your pussy and clit respectively. You writhe up and down on my hand as you brace yourself against the wall. Reading your body my hand moves faster and faster as your pleasure mounts. You moan and gasp as the stimulation being brought on drives your ecstasy higher and higher. Finally your body can't take anymore as your pussy quivers with it's first orgasm of the night, your hot juices running onto my hand. You gasp and pant riding the orgasm and I feel your hot sex quiver and squeeze my fingers.
I remove my hand, licking your juices from them and moving you to the bed. I slide your skirt off, leaving you completely naked before me and lay you on the bed. I begin to kiss your lips and slowly make my way down your body. Kissing every inch of you, paying attention to every little detail of your form. Lavishing your contours with attention. Until finally I come to what my journey was destined to reach.....

tell me what ya'll think...I'll do some more later if you guys like.
constructive criticism from the ladies is always appreciated!!

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8/16/2006 6:34 pm

I like it

More, more!

mag_seven 40M

4/23/2007 12:15 am

Getting better.

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