Deception-Not a good 1st impression  

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8/7/2005 5:17 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Deception-Not a good 1st impression

If you're in our network, sent us mail, a wink, added us to your hotlist, or have viewed our profile, we should be able to safely assume you actually READ the profile. W/in the profile many things can be learned about us-what we are looking for, as well as what we are NOT looking; our zodiac signs; where we live; our experience level in the 'lifestyle'; our chosen career paths, etc. We have been involved in the adult entertainment industry for about 12yrs in varying capacities-Party promoters, talent coordinators for video, print & websites, booking agents for pornstars, featured dancers & nude models. We have posed nude for art schools & Meta has performed in a few adult videos. So what does also this have to do w/the title of this message you may ask? To prove that we know many of the players in the adult business. So when we come across profiles on AdultFriendFinder where the profile pics are of pornstars, web & magazine models (& YOU know who you are!)-most of whom we know PERSONALLY-we often wonder what these members hope to gain from these facades? While they may draw more members to their profiles, they can never hope to meet any of the interested parties, for they'd be 'unmasked'-the deception being revealed. So maybe they have no intention of actually meeting people from this site & only want cyber-erotica via email & chat. But if so, why not use their own image & pen an interesting profile? They may not get as many hits, but those that show interest, would be SINCERELY interested and, in the event, they spark a genuine connection & decide they want to actually meet there correspondent 'in the flesh', both parties will already be aware of whom they were getting acquainted with. The real reason for these lies are not anonymity, but insufficient self esteem. They don't believe themselves 'beautiful' enough to attract those they find 'beautiful'; they don't fit the image of beauty-as is defined by society via media-& thus they become 'ugly' because THAT'S WHAT THEY BELIEVE THEMSELVES TO BE! So they lie, a very UGLY action that will overshadow their real BEAUTY. Although most are not here looking for LOVE, should they find it, fuck even if they find FRIENDSHIP or LUST, it will more than likely be extinguished-as deception is a monolithic obstacle to overcome at any point in a's damn near impossible to overcome in its infancy. Who in their right mind want to start a relationship w/a LIAR?
Deception does NOT make for a good 1st impression.
Love yourself...& others will love you!

Peace, Love & Lust

MetaKamaDeva & ShebaDeva


MrNuttz05 49M

9/23/2005 3:02 pm

This site is full of "bullshitters". And many do not have the intentions on meeting anyone. To some, the hunt by keyboard is just as satisfying to them as the actual sex act for us. Some get off in different fashions....

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