Words that Imply an Attitude  

rm_DesireVie 59T
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9/6/2006 2:47 pm

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10/3/2006 10:00 pm

Words that Imply an Attitude

Im not a long time member here, I do not visit everything, I cant speak about it with knowledge. BUT... I do chat, I do go on cam. I get innundated with words from males 99% of the time, and things they say to me and others bother me greatly.
Do you agree. Lets fuck, show me your clitty, do this or that to your nips, etc.
Directness as this means you get shit, nothing, or an ignore from me. I am not a butcher in the meat shop where you can say, show me, pork, steak, chicken, turn it around, cut it open etc.

What do you think, cool, appropriate, fun, ignorant, impersonal?
It's fun and i get what i wanted by saying it.
Its not to cool but I do it once in a while.
If I was a little more general and personal, its better.
Talking trash is for garbage men, and I dont want any part of it.
Could you give me a better explantion of no? haha

justme77077 56M

9/18/2006 10:30 am

If I see someone on cam I will generally tell them they are looking good today, or just a simple hello. More direct if it is someone I have connected with and I know they like more explicit chat. I think part of it is that for transgendered girls, men see them as female but think of communicating with them like males, probably since there is a penis involved. Although I may be off base...maybe women experience the same thing. As a man if someone says "Show me your cock"...hey, the fun is starting. I think women, including transgendered women, prefer to be seduced slowly, get to know someone. Just my thoughts.

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