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So I'm new to this site and new to this whole blog thing. But I posted this story in the Magazine and it was very well liked... So, I thought I would post it in here.

I tried to post the link, but it wouldn't let me... so please visit the magazine and vote for me

Your comments are always welcome, but this is my first story, so be nice!
Sarah was the first girl I ever did more with than kiss, it
happened when we were 19. She had been a good friend of mine
for a while and she was beautiful. She had eyes to die for
and tits that were nearly unbeatable, they looked a lot
like mine, but slightly fuller, we were both pierced. When
she told me couple of weeks ago that they needed another
bartender at her wor, k I jumped at the chance. I met the
manager, Patrick, for an interview. He was 22, tall and
slim, with long dark hair, and also a set of beautiful eyes.
He was quite desirable. He gave me the job without much question
and I started immediately. The bar was horrible, but it
was money and I enjoyed working with Sarah. It wasn't
long before I realized that Sarah and Patrick were dating.
They looked really good together.

As the weeks went by I began to drink more and more on the job,
and i wasn't the only one. When I drink, my desires become
uncontrollable. I wanted to have Sarah again. I had tasted
her once and I wanted more. Patrick wasn't the kind
of guy I would normally be attracted to, but for some reason,
I had a growing infatuation with him. I thought about them
both a lot, together and seperate. I started masturbating
thinking about fucking them. It was some of the best fantasizing
I had ever done. I thought I had noticed them eyeing me a bit
while talking at the bar, but I couldn't really be sure.

One night after work I was a bit too drunk to drive, so I left
my car at the bar and rode with Patrick and Sarah to Pat's
house. We sat around and talked while drinking beer and
smoking countless cigarettes. They sat on the couch together,
absentmindedly stroking each others skin and laughing
as we all chatted. I sat on the couch opposite them thinking
about getting fucked by him while I ate her pussy.

My fantasy was broken when I heard Sarah say, "Hey
Ramey, I want to show you something." She stood up
and I followed her to Pat's bedroom. She sat down at
his computer and I sat on the edge of the bed. She told me that
she and Pat had done some experimenting earlier and she
wanted to show me. She pulled up some pictures that Pat had
taken of her. She was naked and tied to the bed with the most
powerful fuck me eyes I had ever seen. That was all it took
to get me wet. She was so hot. I wanted to get up and pull her
on top of me and go at it right there. But I knew she wouldn't
cheat on Pat.

She turned around and saw the look on my face. She smiled
a very sexy smile. Then she walked over to the bed and sat
down. I didn't care about Pat, I couldn't take
it. I had to kiss her. As soon as my lips touched hers I felt
myself get even wetter and i had barely kissed here when
i heard the door open. Startled, I whipped around and saw
Pat standing in the doorway smiling. "So thats what
is going on in here..." I blushed. (He was my boss after
all) "We'll have none of that now girls."
Embarassed, I scooted away from Sarah and looked at the
floor. I heard Pat approach me and he said, "No one
is allowed to kiss my girlfriend unless they kiss me first."

He leaned down and kissed me passionately and then stood
and walker over to the computer chair and sat down. Then
said, "carry on." I blushed, I was a little embarassed
and didn't really know what to do, but I think Sarah
was turned on by it. I know she had been wanting some pussy
for a while, and she seemed glad to have his permission to
get some. She immediately pushed me down on the bed and pulled
off my shirt. She kissed me and then went straight to sucking
on my nipples, she always did love the rings. She flicked
them back and forth with her tongue, and nibbled just a bit.
She stopped and told me she wanted to try something new with
me. She grabbed some rope . She then tied my arms to the bed
posts. I was so wet and horny I thought I was going to die.
I looked over and saw Pat grinning.

Sarah undressed, giving me a big of a striptease. I was so
happy to see those beautiful breasts again. She immediately
pulled my pants off, spread my legs and started licking
my wet slit. She started to eat my pussy like it was food and
she hadn't eaten in days. It felt so good. she stuck
and finger in me, rubbed my g spot and continued to lick ferociously.
I was moaning and squirming like mad. Then she did something
I didn't expect, she removed the finger from my pussy
and started to finger my virgin asshole. It felt strange,
but so good at the same time, I couldn't hold it in any
longer, I quickly came all over Sarah's beautiful
face. She licked softly a while longer and then climbed
on top of me and kissed me so I could taste myself. mmmm.

Without much delay she stood on the bed and said, "now
eat my pussy bitch." She then sat right on my face.
Oh the taste of sweet pussy, something I had been missing.
I lapped at her and sucked and her swollen clit. I could tell
she was liking it because she was getting wetter and moaning
like crazy. Just then I felt my legs being spread apart and
felt something poking at my pussy. I figured Patrick couldn't
handle being left out anymore and i was quite excited about
that. He started rubbing his hard cock on my pussy. He said,
"guess what slut? I'm gonna fuck you and you can't
do anything about it, how do you like that?" I tried
to moan, but my voice was muffled by Sarah's pussy.
So I lick and sucked at her even more ferociously and she
said to him, "I think she likes that idea a lot from
the way she's eating my pussy."

"Thats a good little slut, said Pat as he started to
poke his head at my tight hole. He was having a little trouble
getting in because his dick was pretty wide and my pussy
is pretty thight. "Damn you're tight for a slut,
but you have one of the wettest pussies I have ever seen."
I had always been gifted in the wetness department. He slowly
pushed in and out until he got it all in and it felt so good.
His cock felt huge inside of me and he started fucking me
hard. It felt great. I was getting just what I wanted and
it was better than I ever imagined.

Pat was pumping me hard and i was eating Sarah good. She couldn't
take it anymore and she screamed loud as she came all over
my face. I loved it so much. Pat saw me licking Sarah's
juices off my lips and smiling and he said, "Oh, so
you're a cum slut are you? I'll give you something
to lick up." And he started pumping me even harder.
It felt so good, I didn't want it to end. At this point
I think Sarah was worn out because she was just watching
and smiling. I was screaming and so close to coming. All
of the sudden i felt a finger on my clit and I couldn't
hold back any longer. I errupted into one of the largest
orgasms i had ever had. I screamed in pleasure and my entire
body shuddered. I guess that set Pat off because he pulled
out and blew a huge load all over my tits and face. I licked
up was on my lips. Then Pat climbed on top of me and shoved
his cock in my mouth. It was so big I could hardly handle it.
But he was fucking my face hard, making sure I took it all
in. It hurt, but i didn't mind, I wanted to please him
any way I could. I left him fuck my face and it wasn't
long before he erupted into a second orgasm. He pulled out
of my mouth and shot
his load on Sarah this time.

I layed there with my eyes closed for a minute, still shaking
slightly, i hadn't cum like that in a looong time. Pat
untied me and sarah and I licked the cum off of each other.
I think we were all still horny, but too tired to do anything
about it. The three of us climbed into the bed and I slept
with them on either side of me.

That was one of the best nights of my life. I couldn't
wait to see what would happen next time....

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Hi there love that story keep them cumming sexy...

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Love the story. Makes me want to go out and get my lips wet with some love juices.

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