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5/21/2006 4:40 pm

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playing catch up's been like what...a century since i last wrote in here??? alright alright not exactly but it might as well have been. Life has just went on by and me well. I think I am playing catch up...okay so lets catch everyone up on well....well...anything...

Questions....please one at a time and I will get to all of you...he i am that popular...yeah right! No seriously some have wondered and have sent me questions so why not post the answers this way one the answers are out there and two...i quit getting the same questions over and over again.

Question 1: Why haven't you updated your blog??
Answer: Well to be honest I am horrible at remembering to do that. Plus I am the type that likes to write things out. I keep a journal in which I write much more frequently then I do here on the computer...I know...before any of you start...with the age of technology crap...I am an old fashion type girl...i like to see my own writting onto paper, the way the paper feels after it has been written on, the way my journal wears with age. Make sense?? Well if not...thats why. I do try and remember to write on here...but alas i fail miserably...NEXT

Question 2: What brought you to this site??
Answer: Awww the one question that allows everyone to come up with a new answer each and every time it is asked. HA! So lets see for me...bad relationships...nough

Question 3: Have you met anyone from this site?
Answer: Now really why would someone really want to know that of a complete stranger. Besides if they could just take the time to read my blogs they would see my luck on this site is anything but well..

Question 4: Is the info on your profile acurate?
Answer: In other words you want to know if I lied about my measurements...and what are the rest of them? Yes I did lie! Doesn't everyone?? I am a curvy person, hips and ass are my highlighted areas, long legs, long hair, normally get compliments on my eyes & mouth,I wear a 34D,and i do stay in shape...but not muscled out or anything close. I believe a woman needs to have some curves, something for her guy to hold onto, and be soft!

hmmm...any other questions?

Oh whats been going on lately...lets see...
I have started back and forth messages via email with several on this site, but alas most are just that. I will say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the intellect of those that have emailed me. Fortunately starting the conversation off with Hey a thing of the past. And most have been more gentlemen like! Which to me is a huge turn-on. Sure we are all on this site for different reasons...but its nice to be able to hold a conversation (even email) with someone who has actually had some education!

I have received several emails from younger gentlemen (much younger) that have offered to do several interesting and yet strangly different things to me???? I must say as experienced as these men are...for me personally....I am really not into offense...but I like to be the one being taken care of...pampered if you must know. Once in a while sure, I would express a new desire or like, but I am not the one that would have the patience to start from scratch...make sense?

Okay enough for now...I do have so much more to write, but I am getting rather restless sitting in front of this I will need to come back later. Lets hope it won't be another century till that time....

Djeeper1987 47M

5/21/2006 6:15 pm

No questions here, except to say Welcome Back!

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