why are people so stupid?  

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11/26/2005 3:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

why are people so stupid?

no offense to you if i describe you, but you should be smarter.

Typical Customers at blockbuster are nice, sometimes even friendly, but most importantly enough, they know what they are doing. They know what movies they like, and where to find them. They (mostly) know which box to bring up to the counter.

Now, there are two types of customers, the stupid ones, and the loyal ones.

first, i'll attack the stupid ones.

If i have to explain to you that you don't need that box becuse it's empty, TWICE in the same trip to the movie store, your doing something wrong.

If you immediatly say 'can i pay that next time' when i haven't told you about a late charge, my answer will be no.

If you say you didn't like that steven segal movie, (and i'm in a good mood and let you exchange it) and you get ANOTHER steven segal movie; your account will have a 'no exchanges for dislike' BIG flashing warning on it. From then on, your not going to be happy.

If you get defective movies, that nobody else has rented, try putting the DvD in a regular DvD player, not a tape player.

If i remind you to rewind that DvD, and then come in asking us to NOT charge you a fee for not rewinding it, you should have been swallowed at birth.

If you have 3 or more promotional programs going at once, well that's your money, i don't care what you do with it. You should know where your money goes each month, i shouldn't be keeping track of what your spending.

There is a button next to your cupon number, it says "Click Here to Print". if you can't figure out where to go to print your cupons, but can find the cupon numbers, you need serious help.

If you don't have an account, why would you spend 3 hours in the store trying to find a movie, YOU CAN'T RENT?

Debit is not Credit.

Credit is not Cash.

Handing me money doesn't help me figure out who you are, you don't look like george washington to me, nevermind FOUR of him.

ok, and now for the uber special loyal customers. I want to start off on them be saying thanks, having a semi-non stupid familliar face brightens my day. These will be positive things, and of couse, some negatives.

Cheesecake is nice, that was very thoughtful.

Bringing in a movie seconds early to give it to another customer was nice, you don't need to complain that they didn't say thanks.

comming in all the time and STILL getting things wrong is ok, but don't act like it's your first time screwing it up.

I don't care how much you rent at my store, if your going to be an ass, i'll let you walk in your poo like the rest of the barn yard animals.

we don't have that one anymore, because people STEAL things... i know, hard to belive. Now take that tape out of your jecket and get out.

All in all, everyone is stupid... to a certain degree. I can live with being stupid, it's at least a step up from what i used to be called... retarded.

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