got another response...  

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11/15/2005 1:05 am

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got another response...

This happens to me more than i'de like, but do i give of the air of being gay?

I mean, i'm not a complete homophobe but i wanna know why i get hit on more often by men than i do women. Yeah, i know i'm suposed to do the hitting on the women, but i'm a wus.

Had a guy come in at work today and hit on me. Tried to give me his number if i wanted to call him and give him "movie advice". When he figured that i was just being REALLY good service rep, he went away. Afterwords my boss came up and asked if he gave me his number. I'm not a super clean guy... i havent' had a shower in the last few days, and i haven't shaved in a week. Hell, i'm not even old enough to grow a full face of hair, it just comes in in patches (everywhere but the midle of my chin).

Now there are some guys that i'de like to get to know, and they do seem gay (that i can tell). but just because i'm open to a few, doesn't mean i want to run off with any guy.

maybe i should respond to this guy?

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missy973 47F

11/15/2005 5:33 pm

No, I mean if you are straight you are straight.

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