When it rains ir pours  

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11/9/2005 2:20 pm

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When it rains ir pours

So i've been having car trouble lateley.

First i'm 10,000 miles OVER my recommended oil change, and there isn't any oil left on that little level checker thingy (dipstick). So i've been itching to put oil in, I was only 3 quarts low considering my car takes 4 quarts of oil.

Second, i've been putting off putting gas in my car, well, i've been broke. Too broke to put mroe than a dollar in at a time. So i was sitting at a stop light and my car starts rocking back and forth thinking this was the oil (or being out of gas), i pull over as fast as i can and turn off my car.

Third, it wasn't me being out of gas, i had a flat tire. for which i don't have money to replace this paycheck.

all three happen at once, and all three are going to screw me over if i don't fix them soon.

When in an emergency like that being 21 and recently moved away from my parent's nest I was expecting to call my parents. The first person i called was my roomate Travis, he works on cars and know a junkload more than i do. I mean, i could have called the insurance company, my parents, my girlfriend, or anyone else, but i called my roomate. Does this show that i'm dependant on him?

artwork again from cgtalk, this one is from Her0d. Titled 'something under my bed is drooling'.

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