Sleep is a waste of time, right?  

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10/27/2005 12:52 am

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Sleep is a waste of time, right?

so in the apst two days i've gotten 8 hours of sleep. I know i'm not doing anything that's really exciting, and have no reason to post this. So i will anyway.

I've been thinking more about being a go-to guy for someone. Even as hard it is since there's 10 times more guys than women on the site, tha'd still be a nice thing to be. I mean, to be wanted and needed at least in a sexual sense. I have a girlfriend and taht's great and all, but we aren't having sex, and that's what bugs me the most about our relationship. Four years and still no sex seems a little long to me.

Even if i attract attention on the site and meet up with some of the women in my area, i don't want to hog all the attention. I live with two roomates, both 21, and out of the three of us, i'm the only one that isn't a virgin. Not that i'm trying to sell my roomates, but they do need somone to take their hand and show them where to put it, and if i can get a girl like that to at least visit and get to know them, That would be nice.

How sad is it that i'm more concerned about my roomates getting action than i am about me getting action. Wow, commitment is really something.

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