Sleep Walking  

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11/14/2005 12:41 am

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Sleep Walking

OK - so i know it's only been a few minutes, but i wanted to share this before i forgot.

I share a bedroom with a roomate (male). His name is Travis. Travis has a history of talking, walking, and making sounds that are "erotic" (think of the sounds you make while giving oral). He sleeps on a Futon matress; straight on the ground. He belives that it "gives less chance for 'squeaking' when he's with somone" (he's a virgin still). He's 21 and works at a local car dealership as a detailer. He's a shop monkey, if he can work on it, he will.

So, onto the story.

He just stood straight up in bed holding his blanket. His reply to 'why are you standing?' was: "you take one side off of the thing, it's a way of preserving them". we argued back and forth for a while about what he was talking about. He still swears that if you take one side off of "it" it'll preserve the thing you want to keep. He is now sound asleep and the whole interaction took less than 1 full minute.

I wonder what he was dreaming about.

missy973 47F

11/15/2005 5:30 pm

Oh wow. One can only imagine.

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