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11/23/2005 12:46 am

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Racing Games

i'm a gamer, who can't afford any game-schooling. So i'm effectivly being my own home schooling teacher.

The problem is, how does one such as myself get programs to practice and learn on? There are several options, and none of them QUITE legal, or satisfacory. But me breaking laws isn't the topic for tonight, it's the games i've been studying lately.

The New York Times posted an article stating that EA (electronic arts) is the biggest game manufacture. Now, you need to think of the titles that they make, mostly sports games, NFL, NBA, Nascar, Golf, WNBA, games that require up-to date stats and info, things that change every year. Now, if we exclude ALL the sports titles in the market today, one other company emerges as the biggest. Rockstar.

Now i'm going to focus down to certain racing games, and who makes them, to compair and contrast each game maker's preferences and downfalls. I'm only going to use games that i have at my disposal.

EA - Need For Speed Underground 2
This game is wonderfully crafted. Racing is a breaze, there are 3 stages of upgrades for your car (preformance) and hundreds of body (pointless) upgrades for your car. As you upgrade both the pointless and preformance parts, your competition gets harder, as they gain the same parts you do.

Now here's the downfall. Each pointless part you add, contributes to your "style" score, the more stylish the car, the more races and racers you can unlock. Whereas the more preformance parts you add, the faster your car goes.

Rockstar - Midnight Club 3 'DUB' Edition
Another Rockstar preformance, Most of this game was out-souced, and falls well below the gameplay and looks of NFSU2. This game also has preformance parts, that make your car go faster, but the pointless parts are just that, pointless.

The downfall of this game is that you have to own a fleet of cars to complete the game, you need a tuner, an exotic, a truck, a hog, a sport bike, a luxery sedan, and a muscle car. Now, if i had one of all of those, i wouldn't be a street racer, i'de be rich!

Microsoft - Project Gotham racing
Nice objective based and learning game. You go through each little competition to gain gold coins, and spend gold coins on new cars.

The downfall is that i've just sumerized the whole game, there's no upgrades, no real 'street' or 'fun' racing, it's just "go through the track without knocking over 3 or more cones"

Microsoft - Forza Motorsports
Purely a simulation racing game, you've got full fledged lines of cars, full lines of upgrades, and full lines of real-life tracks. Complete with drifting and lose-end mechanics (lets you bust your back end out going around a turn)

The downfall is that theres just some things that are off, and when they are, they are off BIG. such as a 4-wheel drive car like the Audi TT, which can't handle a 45 degree turn at more than 5mph without going off the track.

Sony - Grand Turismo 4
Another simulation game. This one is number 4 in a long line of 'proud' and 'perfect' simulations from sony.

The downfall of this one is that there are no real physics. When your going 50 around a corner and pull the E-Brake, your rear tires lock up and slide. On this game, you can't do that... EVER.

anyway, there is a nice little analysis of my current racing games, hopefully i'll be able to find one that fits my tastes. next post won't be so long, or so geeky.

another mood we don't have... Geeky.

widowsaddiction 47F

11/23/2005 8:28 am

You lost me on this one darlin. I don't have any idea of what any of these games are.

Where is your girlfriend and why are you spending so much time on gaming? Doesn't she get annoyed?

rm_Delarosa_84 32M
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11/23/2005 3:22 pm

they are all games for the Xbox or Ps2, it's geeky. I spend a bunch of time with my girlfriend, but i'm a night-owl and am up until 4am every night anyway. She on the other hand passes out at about 12:30, so i have to send her home before i'm even tired.

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