Point-Promotion programs.  

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11/23/2005 3:19 pm

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Point-Promotion programs.

sorry about the geeky post last time, this one is more general internet-related.

There a bunch of 'get free money' programs out there. The general idea is that they will sell ad space, and e-mail the ads directally to you. To prove that your actaully reading the ads, you click on a button and get a small amount of points, actaully buy what they are selling and you get a bunch more! When you've got enough, cash in your points for free stuff.

I've been doing this program since i was 12. and Yes, you have to be 18 to participate, but birthdates are easy ro fake over the internet.

Each little e-mail i get gives me 5 points, once i reach 3,500 points, i cash out. It takes about 6 months, since i don't buy anything. I cash out for soemthing called a 'web certificate' this is a prepaid credit card.

I cashed out last week and i just got the delivery of it. I don't know why it takes so long, because it's all electronic, but ohh well.

I'm now in a position to pay for something, without using any of my money, but it's only $10. What should i get?

had a dream about work all night long, thank god it's only a 4 hour shift tonight.

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