Music is great  

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10/30/2005 1:36 am

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Music is great

If your looking for music, i've got alot of it. 3330 songs at the moment and more to come when i get more money.

So as you can tell there is alot of music i can choose from when writing these blogs. Being the 'classics' fan that i am, i'm mostly listening to Queen, there's just something about a mature man that can paint his fingernails and jump around the stage in a leotard that speaks to me. This month's favorite celler-selection is Queen's "Don't Try Suicide"

Where was this song when i was a suicidal youth? It's so perky and fantastic that i would never have spent that week crying in the corner.

Well, i can't say that my youth was spent crying, or atempting suicide. It was spend thinking about funerals. As i attended my first EVER funeral last week i realize that it's alot different from what i pictured. I have lost 3 grandparents and i didn't even attend their funerals. Guess they should have stuck around to die until after i was 12.

Who should i ask to have talk at my funeral? How do you exactally choose, and if i'm the one being dead, should i arrange for the speakers before i die? What denomonation should the service be provided in? Is it wrong to be planning for my funeral? What if i'm doing it just in case that road-rage driver behind me gets a little TOO mad?

Image provided by matt dixon over at CGtalk forums, you'll have to check out the full version, title for that one is 'pussy squad'

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