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11/22/2005 12:27 am

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Manager Position

My dear friend Mark is leaving work, he is a manager that's just WAY too fed up with the way the store manager is running things (which is completely justified).

Everyone at work is talking about the manager position, and who is going to fill it. Now, don't think that this ia a bunch of gossip, because really, the store only has seven employees; four of which are already managers.

Three customer service representatives. One Spot.

I will now explain my two co-workers as well as i can.

Zach - very well tempered, doesn't work too much, but doesn't need to, he's 20 and still lives at home. His paychecks only go to entertain himself, and to put gas in his car. He is not doing anything but working and going to parties.

Nate - straight up computer nerd, he can't turn it off at all. He slacks off more than the rest of us, but he asked to do something, he'll usually get it done. He's going to school and can only work 4 days out of the week. Nate has already asked our Store manager's boss if he can have the job.

Me - Straight up computer nerd, that has the abillity to turn of his nerdy-ness. I always pay attention to things that i shouldn't be (manager processes, how to count down tills, and how to deal with problems in the store that i hand over to my managers). I don't do anything but work and blog

Now that i put all that down, it makes me seem full of myself, but then again, it's me, i'm allowed to every once in a while.

I feel that i'm the most obvious choice between the three of us, but the two others have been working longer than i have (i listed them in order of seniority). I've talked with the manager that's leaving and his choice is Nate. Our assistant store manager is rooting for me. Nobody will ask our store manager, and the other manager only works two days a week so nobody sees him often enough to get his input.

wow, that was a completely pointless blog entry... i'll try and come up with something interesting tomarrow before i get started doing things.

widowsaddiction 47F

11/22/2005 7:58 am

It's not pointless at all. I think you're struggling with something that a lot of us struggle with....the jump into the unknown.

Let me tell you something and I hope you learn it, keep it and live it.


You have mentioned management several times and it sounds like you would do very well at it. Don't just sit and wait for someone to offer it to you, GO AFTER IT. Knock the other two out of the way if you have to. If you have someone that is telling you that you are second choice, find out why then analyze it and refute it. Just because someone has been there longer is no reason to promote an idiot.

You mentioned that no one will ask the store manager-YOU DO IT. No one can get ahold of the other manager-FIND HIM/HER. A simple rule of thumb is the last person that is HEARD is the first person remembered.

You can do this, you know that. Now go get it done!!!!!

And let me know when you're promoted, I could use a free rental. HA!

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