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11/5/2005 1:22 am

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I saw this movie this morning, opening showing. Seriously people, that's messed up. I haven't read the book yet, but i'm going to. Having gone though most of the recruitment process (i was too fat, by 35 pounds that i was never able to shed) when i was about to go into college, i know what sort of lies the recruiters will tell you.

A close friend is a Marine currently in some sand-ridden hot as hell country where he is a cook. He doesn't see combat, but everyone around him tells him about how messed up the current state of things are. I know that i'm proud of the troops everywhere that fight for anything, but sometimes you have to give a little ground. But never will i give ground on my support and love for the troops killing and fighting in our name.

...if it weren't for my body fat, i'de be in iraq.

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