Because nobody is looking doesn't make it right  

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10/29/2005 1:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Because nobody is looking doesn't make it right

This is a rant about drivers... so now you can say you were warned.

So i've been getting off work at like midnight, and it's good i don't carry a gun (paintball that is) in my car.

It's been a long belief of mine that if nobody is looking, that doesn't make what your doing right. Wether it be at midnight driving on the wrong side of the road or stealing. There have been alot of retarded drivers on my way to and from work these past weeks, and sad to say the only just punishment is something even i can do... vandalism.

I want a paintball gun so i can punish retarded drivers. I mean, it washes off and it lets them know they are more of a retard than just my horn or me slamming on my breaks. Not to mention it's ALOT less exspensive than just hitting them.

Now, i'm not that road-rage guy cussing ans swerving all about, i'm that calm driver infront of him pulling a gandhi and obey EVERY traffic rule (and driving EXACTALLY the speed limit just to piss off the guy behind me).

Image found on the CGtalk forums a while ago (no name was on the image and i forgot who's it is)

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