"Dream Women"  

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11/10/2005 1:05 am

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"Dream Women"

now, i keep hearing that men want their women to be like the ones in commercials, magazines and movies. Now, don't get me wrong, but women in the media are attractive but i wouldn't want to wake up next to that in the morning. Now here's why:

1 - High matenance - no offense, but an average joe like myself doesn't go ot the gym every day, i don't take trips to mulan to go shoe shopping, i just don't do that sort of stuff, and i don't want a signifigant other that wants to drag me around the world to find a perfect match for her dog.

2 - Temptation - i'de be outright jelous of other guys, sure enough i've got the 'perfect' dame, but i wouldn't want her going out anywhere without me, just to make sure she isn't with some other guy that can give her more 'oomph' in her life. (and by oomph, i don't mean the sound of her running over me with her car, i make the biggest sound possible)

3 - A 'Hot' Item - Women seen in the magazines are like a flower, they do and always will wither. No amount of plastic can make a women beautiful again. not in my eyes.

4 - Keep the Dreams True - like in the movie 'Lord of War' with nicholas cage. He gets his dream woman, and then realizes that his dream is real and it's not all that he thought it was. Those 'dream girls' are nothing more than something to look at, it's like a nice painting, you don't want to be there as the artist makes it, you want to look at it.

art from a guy named 'Supervlieg' it's titled "who's hiding all the monkeys"

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