Is AFF making it look like there are more women here than there are?  

rm_Deejee73 43M
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1/3/2006 10:16 am

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5/31/2006 2:59 pm

Is AFF making it look like there are more women here than there are?

I spent last night trawling the profiles as I like to do from time to time. It's something that I'd not done since I got back to AdultFriendFinder. Usually I do a search but it doesn't always seem to be most reliable in terms of narrowing down location, so I decided to do things the hard way. Browsing by location and burrowing my way through isn't something I'd recommend to most users. I think I clicked through far too many before my eyes started to hurt... I'm ashamed to say how many I looked at or skirted through anyway.

I noticed that a lot of the phrases seem to be the same. Now, far be it from me to cast aspersions on either AdultFriendFinder (are they adding lots of dummy profiles to make it seem like the female population is busier than it is) or, indeed, the female population themselves (are they cribbing from other profiles and re-using the exact words) but something doesn't seem right.

I've noticed phrases like 'On Sunday afternoons I like to continue the screwing we started on Saturday night' and 'For me a perfect Friday night is [fill in the blanks]' and 'I'm not changing my life, but I want to explore a few new options and see how it works out'.

All laudable comments no doubt but I smell a rat! I remember quite a while ago that AdultFriendFinder had problems with people using the site to sell premium rate services and overloading the profile system in the process, but is there a more subtle malignant force at work?

Maybe reading that many profiles will make you delusional and slightly paranoid... note to self.

Still no winks.

iluvjbsinaz 55M

1/3/2006 10:24 am

Those phrases are from the samples provided by AdultFriendFinder. Some people just aren't very creative.

rm_cure57 49M
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1/3/2006 10:32 am

I thought it only happened to me!

rm_corezon 53F
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1/3/2006 10:58 am

Some of the profiles ARE setups to sell premium services...but most of those "canned" profiles are just people that think AdultFriendFinder's prewritten profile will be better than what they can come up with on their own...or they are too lazy to write it themselves...the guys have plenty of them too, but I have gotten emails from some of them from people that seem quite real...

Suggestion for those tempted to let the site write your profile: DON"T!!

I don't think they appeal to any of us once we figure out that they're canned.

LeEnchantress 55F

1/3/2006 11:30 am

i have noticed the same thing recently myself Deejee. i think it sort of wastes people time cuz the profile does not truly say what the person is about nor does it truly represent someone.
But the again some people are not too good with words so it gives them something to put in there.
It also give you a false impression of just who you are meeting or chatting to.
I was chatting with this one guy who had just joined the site. Looked like, from his profile, we were looking for the same thing, a meaningfu romantic relationship not just a no strings attached deal since his profile said in it..."Commitment-wise, I'd love to reach the move-in stage with a lady who completes me. I'm not changing my life, I just want to improve it to the tune of one woman."
So.. i thought, hmmm... good deal an reasonably attractive guy that lives close by that isn't just lookin for a quick hook-up.
Anyway.. we started chatting. spent about an hour online talking about this and then and then asked him just what he was really looking for on here! He said. .. he wasn't sure... he just gotten divorced and wasn't ready to really settle down!! WTF.. well. that sure is a different version than what his profile said.. He then continued to say that he didnt' want to start dating me and then "regret having spent time with me" if he met someone who he really liked!!!
I'm like.. well.... okay......
I was rather pissed at that point at all the time i wasted with this bloke but still acted ladylike and quizzed him as to why he said he was ready to move in with a woman if he felt like that???
He was like what??? "i never said that.. "
I said to him... well. you sure did.. check your profile.
Seems like this goober never even bothered to read the profile that he had selected!!!
Okay.. this annoys me.. cuz not only do i see the same stale lines on this profiles.. but they aren't reflective of the people who are choosing them either.
I am starting to get red flags going up in my head whenever i encounter these generic profiles.
To me it's just a turn off that a guy can't think of some of his own words to express what he's about, even if they are lame words, at least they are his and his alone.
If he's that creatively challenged.. i sort of wonder just how creative he is going to be in bed also!!

rm_hockey609 52M
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1/3/2006 3:37 pm

There are definitely fake ads. Are they planted, or are they some sort of spammer ? Who knows. They are easy to spot. Many of them are always from the same town/city and feature hot, young women who are standard members. More than should be listed for any one town.

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