Raymond gets Susie in the Park  

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11/7/2005 4:29 pm

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Raymond gets Susie in the Park

Raymond and Susie spent the entire afternoon together after a somewhat awkward introduction at the company picnic. Raymond offered to take Susie around to meet some co-workers.

As they met many people, Susie and Raymond were surprised that they could have this much fun in the company of a stranger. Throughout the afternoon, they talked with people, with each other, played games and just had a fantastic time.

As the festivities closed down, Raymond walked Susie to her car and was a little surprised at her reaction. She hugged him tight and said, “I don’t want to go Raymond. I’d like to be with you a little longer. I’ve had so much fun with you today.” Smelling her hair, Raymond struggled with the idea of kissing her. She looked up into his eyes and the struggle quickly disappeared. He bowed his head down so their lips would meet. With his lips slightly parted, they touched lips ever so lightly then ever so passionately. They stood alone in the parking lot embraced in a never ending kiss. Breaking the kiss, he whispered in her ear, “I don’t want to leave you either. Let’s go somewhere for dinner and a drink…then I want to watch the sunset with you.” Kissing again, she breathed out “Yes. Anything to be with you right now.”

Again they kissed long and passionately. Separating just enough to get in the car. Susie started it up and said, “Where to?” “Since it’s almost sunset, lets go watch that and then do dinner.” He replied. For a few minutes Raymond directed Susie to another park nearby that was on a hilltop and they could see everything around for miles. The park was abandoned. Getting out of the car, they walked up to the hilltop to a Ramada with a picnic table under it. It was a warm evening and the sun was just minutes from setting.

Letting go of her hand, Raymond reached around her waist and pulled her close. Standing for a few minutes, Raymond suggested that Susie sit on the table which she gratefully did. He kissed her cheek and she turned to meet his lips. They kissed and caressed each other through the sunset. With Susie sitting on the end of the flagstone table and Raymond up against her now, they pushed their hips forward to meet the other. The passion building, Raymond reached up her over sized t shirt to caress her breasts. She responded with a gasp and a slight shudder. She reached down for his belt and undid it quickly. Opening his jeans, she could feel the hard shaft straining to get out. She grabbed it through the fabric of his boxers and was pleasantly surprised by the feel of the warm hard penis in her hand.

Giving Raymond a little push back, Susie slid down off the table and lowered herself before him. She pulled down his pants and his shorts to further expose his manhood. She was pleased with what she saw and reached out to cup his balls in her hand so very gently. She could feel Raymond tense as she did that and was pleased to see a pearly-white drop of semen escape the tip of his cock. She moved forward to take the tip of it into her mouth. She started sucking it hard and fast. Stopping only to let her tongue swirl round the head. Raymond moaned as she continued to milk his cock with her mouth. She sensed that he was getting very turned on so she stopped and kissed it lovingly. Licking the semen off that came out and getting even more wet at the taste of it.

Raymond urged Susie back onto the table’s edge. Placing her before him, he kissed her deeply sliding his lips against hers. His tongue searching her mouth. He unfastened her pants and got them down. Reaching down during this long kiss, he felt between her legs. She was soooo wet! Her hips thrust at his hand as he felt around. He began stroking her clit with his fingers to which she responded with series of loud heavy moans. Kissing her neck, she responded passionately breathing heavily. Moving down to her breasts, he kissed her nipples and then took them into his mouth one at a time sucking her hard nipples deep into his mouth and teasing them with his tongue. Susie was moaning louder and managed to say, “Oh God. That’s so good.” Raymond stopped and kissed his way down her stomach and still further down only to turn aside and kiss her hip and thigh. He worked his way to her inner thigh and moved upward from there. Finally reaching her wet hole, he gave a delicate lick to her clit. She shuddered and he began licking more and more. He loved the taste of her juices and was thoroughly enjoying this. He licked her clit faster and faster bring more moans and more of that beautiful wetness with them. He slowed down to suck her clit between his lips and circle it with his tongue. At first he did it lightly but he applied gradual pressure until she was thrusting her pussy into his face. Circling that swollen clit all the while. Raymond felt like his cock couldn’t get any harder and he eased up and stood up between Susie’s legs.

Raymond looked Susie in the eyes and she said, “Fuck me.” It took no more prompting from Susie before he was there with the head of his cock right at the wet delicate lips to her pussy. First he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit to get it good and wet and rubbed her clit some more with it. Susie started to writhe and grind her pussy onto his cock. Raymond let the head slide in and with a few strokes, it slid all the way into her warm wet hole. Both of them moaned at the intimate contact as they came together. Raymond continued to draw the length of it out and thrust it in while Susie thrusted her hips to meet his. Their passion reaching fevered heights as Susie exclaimed, “Ohhhh. You feel so good in me. Mmmm, I love having your cock in me.” Raymond replied, “Mmm ohh! Your pussy feels soooo good around my cock baby! Ohhhh. Makes me so hot and ready to cum!”

With that Susie said, “Take me from behind babe. Fuck me hard.” Raymond backed up and Susie jumped down to turn around and bend over. With her hands on the table, Susie awaited Raymond’s touch and she tensed as he grabbed her waist and carefully placed his cock at her wet hole. Mmmm, she thought as it slid into her. It filled her up and she loved that feeling of having a hard cock inside her. As Raymond thrusted, she met every thrust with a well timed push backward. ‘God this is so good!’ she thought. She looked down and saw his sweaty thighs as he pounded into her. She also though, ‘Oh he is so good and so verry sexy.’ She could also see his balls as he came forward to collide with her pussy. “Mmmm,” she said as she reached down to play with his balls as he fucked her. Susie was just enjoying the moment when she felt a warm vibration start deep inside. It emanated down into her pussy. ‘Ohhh god!! Ohhh I’m cumming baby!! Oh yes!! Yes!! Ohhhh!!! Ohhh!!

At this point Raymond began to hold tighter and thrusted harder and harder. He started to cum and mmmm. Ohhhh baby! Yessss. Yesss. Susie spasmed even more as she felt the warm rush of cum with each squirt from Raymond’s hard cock. With that, she pulled away and turned around to kiss him. She grabbed his cock and felt her cum and his on the shaft and thought it felt so delicious. They kissed and held each other for a while in silence.

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