Jacuzzi Encounter #1  

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12/15/2005 5:35 am

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Jacuzzi Encounter #1

Welcome to the next installment. Leave a post to let me know what you think of the scenario and the content if you like it.

I had been off work due to an injury and was sleeping in that morning. I remember waking up after a little partying the night before in a haze. I managed to roll out of bed and make coffee. I turned on the TV to see what’s on and decided to turn it back off. (Nothing all that interesting again!)

I was feeling a little pain that morning so I decided to spend some time in the Jacuzzi and maybe go for a swim. Filling up my cup again, I changed into my trunks and grabbed my towel on the way out the door.

It was a bright sunny morning out and this being Arizona it was hot. I came into the pool area through the gate and noticed a lady sunning herself. I had seen her before and I found her to be quite sexy. Her whole demeanor exuded this sexiness. I stepped down into the Jacuzzi and sat down with my coffee. Sipping quietly with my eyes closed, I heard a voice say “Good morning.” I looked up to see her smiling face as she climbed down into the water.

“Mmmm.” I thought, “There’s something I want.” We had talked for a few minutes about life in the apartments and our kids. Picking up my cup for another sip of coffee, she mentioned, “That coffee looks good.” I replied, “It is good. Would you like a cup?” Upon her accepting, I got out and went inside to bring her a cup too. She thanked me when I returned and we talked while we enjoyed the coffee. When she was done she said, “Mmmm. That was great.” “Thank you. Would you like another cup?”, I replied.

Upon her agreement, I invited her into the apartment for the next cup just hoping she was feeling quite as randy as me. I entered the apartment and noticed it was dark since our eyes hadn’t adjusted yet; I took her hand so she would miss bumping into the furniture but she grabbed my hand and leaned toward me to give me a deep almost soulful kiss. I felt her body against mine and practically melted into her body as she did to mine. My cock almost jumped out of my trunks as she ran her hands over my back while kissing me so deep. Her tongue searched my mouth as I searched hers. My hands ran down her back and over her ass pulling her toward me. She started to grind her pussy against my cock as we kissed.

I marveled at her soft skin under my hands. Running my hand up her back, I loosened her bikini top and let it fall exposing her breasts and her oh-so erect nipples. Being the breast man that I am, I leaned down and started sucking a nipple to which she responded with a moan. I flicked my tongue quickly over the tip of her nipple and she shuddered as she came. “Oh god!” she moaned, “That’s never happened before.” I smiled and kissed her then she lowered herself to her knees so her face was even with my crotch. Pulling down my swim trunks my hard member sprang forward. She took it in her hand stroking it as she smiled up at me and said, “I want this cock in my pussy. Then I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

I responded, “I’ll be more than happy to fuck you no matter where.” At this she kissed the head of my cock. She licked the pre-cum from her lips and moaned, “Mmm. That tastes so good. I want some more.” At this she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. She went slowly at first. All the way down and all the way up. She was teasing me and damn she really knew how to tease with her tongue. Stopping as she raised her head she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. Taking it deep again, she released it long enough to say, “I’m going to fuck you now.” She had me lay on the floor on my back and started sucking my cock again. I reached down and felt her wet pussy and I started stroking her clit as she moaned around my cock while sucking it. She moved again. This time she straddled my face and I started licking and sucking her pussy lips and clit as she thrust her hot pussy toward my face. Soon she stopped sucking paying attention only to the feelings from her pussy.

Soon she turned around straddling my cock and slowly lowered herself onto it. She started bouncing up and down as I thrust my cock into her over and over. Her pussy massaged my cock. Just when I thought I was about to cum she started cumming hard and thrusting herself hard onto my cock. I felt the warm flood of juices and then she pulled herself off of my member.

“Fuck me in the ass.”, she said and she got on her hands and knees. I spread some lotion on my cock and on her puckered little hole. I stopped to insert a well lubed finger and she started thrusting back. I positioned myself behind her and started slowly sliding my cock into her ass. Her excitement was growing and so was mine. She yelled out, “Fuck me baby. Fuck me up the ass.” She started fingering her clit while I fucked her. Soon she was cumming again yelling for me to cum in her ass. I felt the buildup around the base of my cock as my balls started tightening and the head of my cock I thrust hard into her ass as I squirted my cum into her.

We lay there afterward playing and talking. Soon I was hard again and we spent the rest of that morning gleefully fucking each other.

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5/11/2007 8:42 am

I would like to see your cock going in and out of my old lady. And make her sceam with good hard fuck.

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