Here's one story to start off with. Post your opinion  

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Here's one story to start off with. Post your opinion

We had been emailing each other for quite a while. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and quite communicative. I’ve been looking forward to this day since she told me she was coming.

Neither of us would ever think of meeting someone like this normally but there was something that drew us to each other immediately. We had only planned on some good chats and some intimate emails to warm and titillate each other. As it happened however, we hit it off and of course considered meeting after a while. We took our time to make sure we really wanted to meet but this is the moment it came to.

Her last email made me practically jump up and cheer since I was going to finally meet this lovely woman who has opened my heart and mind to so much more.

The airport security of course was tight but it wasn’t a problem for me today. For once I didn’t have to stop at the metal detector. That’s a good start for meeting this wonderful lady. I managed to navigate my way to the departure gate and immediately began pacing. I was nervous at first simply for the fact that we have never met in person. I’m slightly older but not by that much however recent years have weighed heavily on me so I wonder as I slowly pace if she will like me. Of course she will. She’s had my picture for a while now. I’ve had hers as well and that’s how I know she’s so beautiful.

I looked out the window as I was walking along and saw the plane taxiing to the gate. Another few minutes and passengers started coming up the ramp to the waiting area. The smell of the various restraints nearby wafted through and reminded me that I hadn’t eaten. While watching the first passengers disembark, some of those moments came to mind where I would look forward to her emails.

I would check email all night long and in the morning when I got home. I was just hoping to hear from her and when those emails arrived I’d breathe a sigh of relief and of course be so damn glad to hear from her. You know that moment when it seems like its taking forever logging into your email and you’re waiting for something important? Well I would always hold my breath and wait until the inbox came up and I’d see her name. It was usually a moment of complete elation!

Looking down the ramp I got a lump in my throat when I caught sight of a blonde head amidst the throng. I waited for this person to approach and when they came out the door into the waiting area, it was the wrong person. Shortly after that, I spied her coming up the causeway. She sighted me and smiled as I smiled to her. She was as beautiful and charming in person as I had imagined. She walked toward me and said, “David?” I responded with “Darla!”, smiling we hugged for the first time. It was a moment I’ll remember forever as if we belonged there with each other in our arms. It is a moment of comfort in a sea of chaos. I remember whispering, “You’re here finally! I’ve wanted to hold you for so long!” She responded, “Yes. I’m here. I’ve wanted to hold you too.” I let go of her and took her carryon then we started off to baggage claim hand in hand. We talked about her flight and some of the people she encountered in-flight. At one point we had stopped holding hands and she walked by me. As she passed me I smelled her cologne and closed my eyes enjoying the scent of this lovely woman.

As I turned to continue on, I was startled to find her standing right there watching me with a smile. To my surprise she put her arms around my neck and kissed me. Her tongue searching as I met it with mine. It was all I could do to keep my hands positioned appropriately in this place. I kissed her back relishing ever moment, every touch, and every movement of her soft lips as they slide against mine. At one point we were holding each other so tightly it was like we wanted to absorb each other so we would never have to part. “Mmm. Your lips taste like I imagined and feel even better!”, I said. “Thank you sir.” She replied as she kissed me even more passionately.

Eventually we made it to the baggage claim where we easily spotted and picked up her bag. Retrieving the bag we made a quick exit to the parking garage. Taking the elevator to the seventh floor, we kissed again until the doors opened and stepped out into the elevator vestibule. Taking her hand we found the car and I placed the baggage in the trunk. She came up beside me as I was closing the trunk and I couldn’t resist kissing those lovely soft lips again.

We managed to get ourselves separated long enough to get into the car and kissed again. Both of us seemed not to be able to believe that we were together in this way. Driving out of the garage she told me, “Let’s find something to eat and then get a room.” I responded, “Say nor more doll. I’m game”

I took a turn near work which I’d just come from to get to the airport and headed downtown to a place I’ve visited before and had wanted to bring this wonderful creature. It was a small restaurant with small dark intimate booths.

We entered and were seated by the hostess. I had her sit in the booth and I sat right next to her. We had a nice quiet meal with some small talk about the city and the weather which is usually hot. After our meal we cuddled in the booth talking. I paid the bill while she freshened up and we were on our way to finding a room.

I had set this up earlier in the week to make sure we’d have a room nearby where we would not be disturbed at all. I chose a hotel close to my work and close enough to everything else that we could possibly need.

We pulled into the hotel lot and headed to the entrance. Stepping out of the car I held the door for my lady and took her soft hand as she stepped up out of the car. I left the keys for the valet and we headed inside as the trunk was being unloaded. Walking across the lobby, I approached the front desk and said, “I have a room reserved to two this week. May I have the key please?” The desk manager said “Yes, Mr. Roberts! Welcome. Will you be requiring any other services while you are with us?” “No.” was my reply as I took the key. “Thanks!” I said.

I collected the card key and awaited the bellboy. We were ushered into the elevator up to our room where I quickly sent the bellboy away with a tip and a request for some champagne. After the bellboy left, I turned to watch her as she unpacked a few things. Her rounded hips and bottom tempted me as I admired her bending over the bed reaching into her bag and moving to a dresser then setting a couple of things on top. I sighed as I was watching this enjoying the sight and the moment of being with her.

She looked up at that moment and smiled as I approached her from across the room. I moved forward and took both of her hands in mine as I deeply soulfully kissed her soft lips. Releasing her from my arms I took her hands again and guided her to sit on the bed with me. We kissed and our hands kept quite busy while we awaited our champagne.

When the champagne arrived we were getting really hot and bothered and I asked her, “Should I answer that?” Her response came with a quick kiss and ended in her getting up to answer the door. “You’re such a flirt!” I chuckled. “Yes. I know” was her reply. After settling down with a little champagne and toasting to our newfound closeness we were both feeling warm and rather randy so I leaned in to kiss her again…and again…and again.

I had my arms around her waist and my hand traveled up around her shoulder and to her breast. She responded enthusiastically when I lightly pinched her nipple. She reached down and felt my hard member straining against my pants. She unzipped them and reached in. I felt precum leaking out as she reached in to take hold of my cock and I shuddered when she made contact and I could swear the head felt like it swelled to twice the size. I started unbuttoning her blouse as she stroked my shaft and rubbed the precum against its head. What a turn on this woman is!! I removed her blouse as I kissed her neck and chest only pausing to kiss her on the lips from time to time. Her breasts now exposed were beautiful too. I kissed them and teased her nipples with my mouth, tongue, and teeth. I reached down and as I reached she spread her legs for me so I had easier access to the treasure I was searching for. I raised her skirt and she wasn’t wearing any panties at all!

I started to fondle her pussy as she stroked my cock. I eventually got her completely undressed then I stood up to finish undressing. I guided her to the restroom where I turned on the shower and had her step into the streaming water. I bathed her with my hands running all over her body and soaping her up. I enjoyed bathing this beauty as she responded to my ministrations with the occasional moan. After I was done bathing her she started to bathe me as well. The feeling of her touch was like magic. It was like something I had always wanted but never found until now.

After she cleaned me up, she dropped to her knees there in the shower and took the head of my cock into her mouth. “Mmmmmm…that feels so good”, I told her. She continued licking and sucking on that hard shaft as I closed my eyes. I watched her sucking me and she really performed after that. I guess she was getting more and more turned on from being watched. I could not believe I had this lovely woman here sucking on my cock. I was so thankful I had her here finally.

Soon I took her by the hand and had her stand up while I dropped to my knees. As I did so she put her foot on the rail and leaned back against the wall as I made contact with her swollen clit. She arched her back at the first touch and moaned loudly. Soon she was practically grinding her pussy against my face as I licked her soft pussy lips and swirled my tongue around her clit. I was purposefully slow and deliberate as I did this so as to heighten her excitement. Soon she pulled me up and I dried her off while still kissing her lips and massaging her breasts. She dried me and we came out to the bed. She was as playful and sexy as I could imagine any woman being. I laid her down and continued to tease her with my tongue. She started shaking a bit so I slapped her ass hard and as I did so, she started to cum almost bucking me away. I lapped her juices and Oh My God they tasted so good to me.

As she settled down she pushed me onto the bed and started sucking my cock again. Soon it was harder than ever and she climbed on top of me positioning her wet pussy over my swollen hard on. Soon she was lowering herself onto my cock and if a couple of slow strokes she had it buried deep inside her. I started thrusting my hips upward as she rode my cock and soon she started cumming again. I could feel her warm juices drowning my cock and I started to cum now. I held back until I couldn’t stand it anymore and I shot my load deep inside her as she continued to ride me through her complete orgasm. Soon she raised herself up and kissed me deeply while I was still inside her so I responded in kind and gave her a kiss I hoped she would never forget.

We lay there cuddling each other and quietly saying sweet nothings to each other when she raised herself up again and started to suck my cock again. I watched her again as she sucked my cock. This time she made eye contact and when she saw the expression on my face, she started getting more turned on. She started bobbing her head up and down massaging my prick with her lips and tongue. In no time she had me hard again. I reached around and played with her pussy which was so wet with our cum. Soon I was finger fucking her pussy as she sucked my cock and I could tell she was reaching a fevered pitch. I stopped her, got up, and brought out some ties. I tied her hands to the headboard of the bed and placed ties around her ankles. When they were tied, I had tied the other end to the headboard too. She was on her back with her legs in the air with the ties holding them up and back. I started to play with her and tease her in every way I could think of. I licked her pussy and clit again and I could tell she was turned on by the fact that I was in control and she was completely at my mercy. Once in a while I would get up on my knees and stick my cock into that beautiful pussy. I would start out with slow even measured strokes going deep into her. As she responded with more moaning and squirming, I pulled all but the head of my cock out and made a few short strokes and would then slam it deep into her love canal. She responded with a loud moan every time I did that. Soon I stopped and pulled my cock out of her. I pinched her nipples and lightly twisted them then I kissed her lips and then her nipples again. Soon she was begging for me to fuck her. I pushed my member into her again and started thrusting hard into that magnificent hole. After several minutes of this she came again. This time I kept fucking her while she came and it seemed as if she’d never stop cumming. Soon she was telling me, “Cum for me baby! Give me that cum!” As I was getting ready to cum I pulled out of her and held the head of my cock up against her pussy so it was pushing up against her clit and I started to squirt cum onto her clit and pussy to her yells of “Oh Yes! That’s so good!”. Soon I had her untied and we kissed again.

We cuddled again but at some point we both fell asleep due to our previous exertions. I awoke first to this beautiful angel in my arms and I developed a plan for a little later. I stayed in bed waiting for my lover to awaken thinking about how lucky I am to be here with her. She woke up a while later to me smiling at her and telling her how much it means to me that she was here…with me.

I decided we should get up and shower again before our shopping trip. We went and bathed each other again but this time we behaved ourselves. After leaving the hotel we stopped by a place for a bite to eat and a drink. Soon we were headed off to Castle Boutique. I knew what I was looking for and it was a surprise for my sweet Darla.

We had entered the store and looked around for quite a while as we pointed out this or that and joked about playing together. After a lull in the searching and conversation, I found the item I was looking for but I wouldn’t show her until we were ready to leave. I had her look around at some more toys and stuff while I paid for our purchase. I went and found Darla and we left the store. We had walked to the car and I could see she was just dying to find out what was in the bag so as we were getting in the car I opened the bag and revealed a small box that held a butterfly clitoral stimulator with remote control. I pushed Darla back and kissed her as my hand slid up her skirt. She was so wet and the way she looked at me was so damned sexy! I took our little toy out of the box added batteries and put it on her. At first she seemed a little uncomfortable but with the press of a button she felt the vibrations begin gently and started gyrating to the vibrations. I soon turned it off since we had more to do. We drove a while to a mall nearby where we could do a little shopping or even window shopping. It was just a place for us to spend time together holding hands, kissing when we felt like it and just making a spectacle out of ourselves as young lovers should.

While at the mall I would watch Darla look at items and enjoy exploring everything. At one point I hit the button on the remote as a good looking guy walked by and watched her tense up and practically blush as she started to feel good again watching him walk away. I knew she was turned on and wanted to tease her oh so much more!

We had spent about two hours there at the mall getting a drink here or something there when it was time to leave. We headed out to dinner and spent a nice quiet time with each other. We talked, laughed, and smiled. I stared into her eyes as if there was no other thing worth looking at. They are so beautiful and captivating. Once in a while I’d hit the button to turn her on again and again. I wanted to make sure she stayed that way until we got back to the hotel so I’d hit it again! She was practically going crazy by the time we reached the hotel.

She wanted to fuck me right away once we got there but I told her no and to leave the butterfly on. We went out onto the balcony with a little more wine we had purchased while we were out. We leaned against the rail and watched other occupants swim in the pool. There were several people out there that night but they could barely tell there was someone standing on the balcony.

I turned on the butterfly to start her again. She was enjoying the sensation as she stood there overlooking the pool. I moved behind her and lifted her skirt from behind. I reached down to feel that wonderful pussy and it was so very wet! I stuck a finger in her and then two. She was enjoying this immensely. In addition to the butterfly that was vibrating her swollen clit, I moved my fingers in and out of her to give her a more fevered pitch. Soon I unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them so I could slide my hard cock into that delightful love nest. I slowly slid it in and out while I stood behind her with her leaning on the rail looking almost enraptured I knew she wasn’t going to last long but I kept putting it in her and pulling back out as she watched the people below ignorantly swimming around below. Soon I hit another button and the stimulator was increasing in vibration. A moan escaped her lips as she felt the new onslaught to her clitoris. I could tell that she was getting hotter and hotter and was about to cum so I started slamming my cock home into that wet sweet pussy. She started to cum and I felt the head of my hard member swelling as I got closer. She felt it too and it added to her climax. I could barely hold onto her as I pounded her hot pussy until I shot yet another load into her. I turned off the butterfly.

We stood there for a while with my cock inside of her while we watched the people below. I leaned forward to tell her something and whispered in her ear…

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HOT... nuff said...good story. Welcome to Blogland. Hope you'll visit and contribute as you see fit. You'll find we're all a pretty damned good bunch of folks no better no worse than the next. Some maybe funnier...some may write better, but's all good. Have fun....Slidein2meplz

~~~ Just me, poppin to say HI! ~~

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Thanks Slidein2meplz,

I like to write and I like sex so it's a natual fit. LOL. I'm glad you liked the story. Take a look at Day Two on my blog.

I'd also like to do you like that. >>!

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