Day Two  

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11/7/2005 2:38 pm

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Day Two

About six hours later he awoke to her in his arms. He stared at her. He made note of her closed eyes. Her chin, nose, neck, shoulders, breasts, nipples, he started smiling. As he looked at her face again he whispered, "You are beautiful and I love you." Then a grin broke across his face.

He went down to the foot of the bed and started crawling beneath the bedsheet. He slowly crept up between her knees breathing heavily, trying to not wake her. He was getting a thrill out of trying to do this without waking her.

Soon he arrived at his destination after some prompting to get her into the right position. He licked his lips and gently kissed her pussy. His tongue snaked out to lightly lick the lips a few times. He tasted her juices as they started to flow. She stirred and then slowly he worked up to licking her clit. He licked it slowly and very lightly at first. She began to whimper . He started stroking his cock to get it ready.

He patiently stopped and waited a moment or two then he started lightly almost teasingly licking her clit. His tongue swirled around it and still ever so slowly he placed more pressure to his target.. If she only knew what a thrill this was for him as he used his thumb to rub the precum on the head of his cock which brought more to follow. She responded with a whimper. He was wondering if she was awake. Soon he switched to licking her pussy and thrusting his tongue into her. His cock was hard enough so he slowly crept up over her.

Once he got into the right position he slowly lowered his cock between her legs up to her pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock in her slit go moisten his cock and slowly he pushed the head of his cock into her pussy. It slid in easily since she was already so wet. He was thinking how good her pussy felt as it massaged his cock and made it swell so. He slowly fucked her as she started responding. Her legs widened automatically. She moaned and her eyes opened with a smile on her face. She raised her legs and he started to thrust harder and a little faster. "Good morning love." He said. He kissed her breast immediately and started sucking her nipple as she shuddered. "Oh my mmmmm..." she replied. He started with the other breast and nipple. Sometimes sucking the nipple in hard all the while fucking his beautiful slut.

He kissed her passionately searching out her tongue. He whispered, "I love fucking you. You're pussy just seems to milk the cum right out of me. " Next he put his arms under her legs and started thrusting into her pussy while marveling at how good it felt as it milked his cock to orgasm. She laid there moaning, "Fuck me baby. You feel so good." She started panting and moaning with each breath as he kept thrusting his member deep into her hot pussy. She started getting louder and yelled, "I'm gonna cum!" as her breath caught in her throat. He felt her cum flow around his cock as it slid in and out of her slamming up against her with each thrust. He felt a ripple around his cock and he started becoming really excited as he got closer to cumming himself. She seemed to subside in her orgasm as he fucked her some more but soon she was grunting again as she came a second time this time there was no break. She kept cumming while he slammed his cock home each time. Soon he was ready and couldn't hold it back anymore. He felt his balls tighten and the feeling ran up his cock. The head of his member swelled inside her as he got closer to releasing his cum. She was still cumming when he groaned out, "I'm cumming inside you, slut." which made her moan louder as he started squirting his cum inside her with each thrust. "Cum in me baby. Cum for me baby." she grunted. Soon he was spent and her multiple orgasm had subsided. He kissed his semi-willing victim as he rolled off of her and took her in his arms.

"So. Where do you want to have breakfast?" he asked.

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