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8/6/2006 10:31 pm

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Another weekend come and gone!

Saturday night was planned as a quiet relaxed evening catching up with an old friend. A nice dinner at a Spanish tapas restaurant followed by a stroll along the prom.

The decision to drop in at the 'City' changed the 'quiet' to noisy and the 'relaxed' to very active.

1.00am is always decision time here since they changed the laws to allow 24 hour drinking. Problem is that the powers that be also issued directives to the local establishments to deny entry to people after one in the morning.

This conflicting logic means that if you leave you will be denied re-entry after 1.00am and if you try to continue elsewhere, you will be turned away. So we decided to stay put, which transformed an early night after a bottle of wine with dinner and a quick beer after, to many beers after until the arrival of the cold light of dawn.

This proved a good move! An accidental collision on the extremely busy dance floor with two very sexy Polish women, resulted in the creation of new friendships. This led to a nice relaxed quiet dinner on Sunday night in the company of same.

We decided not to challenge the 1.00am drinking directives this time. They are planning to go on a cruise in September and suggested I join them. Sharing a triple cabin on a cruise liner with two great ladies is definitely tempting!

Their acceptance that I don't do committed relationships or extended cohabitation and that I'm as fine with friendships without sex as I am with, was far from a problem. A lot of women I meet, especially in Malta, seem to get turned off by this philosophy.

I am often told that women need more than that and I am sure many if not most do. Each one to their own I guess.

A bright sunny Monday morning here today and back to Malta next week. Stuff to do!

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