August 2, 2006  

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August 2, 2006

Interesting how you can find yourself in a different place all of a sudden.

Taking a break from Malta, then another one to Spain to get away from a wet and windy summer in the Irish Sea and now getting ready to return to the August heat in Malta.

Life is movement I guess.

What is really interesting is how even the mundane can change your direction. A boring, delayed, night flight out to Spain--left me wedged between a (some)140Kg individual and the window. I just wished he had not raised the arm rest to give himself more space.

The return trip called for an aisle seat and that was a good move. Her slim tight thighs grabbed my attention when she started stuffing hand luggage in the overhead compartment opposite. Then she turned and asked for the window seat in my row. The flimsy top covering small tits and very erect nipples left little room for argument. These combinations can leave me close to helpless.

We got along fine. She had gone to Spain to meet a spaniard whom she had met through AdultFriendFinder. She did scribble her username on a scrap of paper as her contact info. but I lost it. So I joined AdultFriendFinder anyway.

Great! As we speak there are 2,163,375 listings in the United Kingdom.

Now I'm blogging!

I find in Malta the male female ratio is roughly equal. On AdultFriendFinder 6880 males are looking for women and 261 females are looking for men.

Now I've blogged I think I will look into starting up my network.

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