~~YOU are the *STAR* that owns that COAT~~  

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12/11/2005 6:16 pm

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~~YOU are the *STAR* that owns that COAT~~

OK I wrote a bitch session earlier. Then went on a blog reading adventure!

and OMG! was lead to read MzHunys blog tonight. Dear God, My Heart goes out to HER!

And going to give my reply here: I have to much respect for your blog to go on and on about this...Ill do it here, Thx!!...I guess I feel like singing..lol

OK for after reading MzHunys blog tonight. Went and refreshed myself, on her past blogs. Looking for the stuff he gave her, Found it!!

This low life son of a bitch, worst than any scrum life bastard, Mother f*cking pig. Dont deserve a WOMAN like HER or anybody else!

This is TRUELY the load his MOTHER should have swallowed!!

So as for the stuff he SO honored gave you. Mind you, he gave to YOU!!..NEED NO NEED TO RETURN!..but knew wear your coming from, wanting to give them back.

But and thats a BIG BUT:
......the coat was made for YOU: Hey you said this place made them for the stars....WELL go look in the mirror sister, the damn coat was made for you....and YOU are that STAR!! that owns that coat..If ya feel good in it. Wear it! fuck him!!....what is he going to do with it!!

......the ring: Well you could pawn it, if its really grandmas ring. It would be worth alittle, dont you think......But for me. I have never pawn a damn thing in my life! What I have is mine. If you gave it to me ITS MINE!!......NOT knowing what the ring looks like, you could reset the stones in it, or give it to one of the grandkids later.....I had one I gave to my daughter, her birthstone is diamond.

......and with all the other stuff you got!! its yours....

......The worst thing he gave you WAS the MEMORIES!! of one HELL of a WEEKEND!! Us girls live for fantsy and YOU had one in TX.

.,....The PAIN might go away in time! But the MEMORIES seem to last FOREVER!!

So Im sorry I have rant and raved about this, I hate when a HEART is broken, and Toes stepped ON!

Whatever MzHuny does with her things, we all will back her, we all dont believe in the same thing!!

Hey there HUGS to ya!!!

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