~~*Still In Lala Land*~~  

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12/9/2005 8:56 pm

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~~*Still In Lala Land*~~

Damn under this dark sky tonight. I wish it was warmer outside. Would love to be down south in my hammock. Just laying there, feeling the gentle breeze, As I swing back and forth. Staring at the sky full of stars. Listening to a far away whippoorwill, sing his lullabies. Theres tree frogs singing, with back up bull frogs. How I miss these simple things!

But as I try and empty my mind. I cant, for the events of my day...(cheesy grin)!!

I got my ass into town this morning! (another cheesy grin)......Damn with all this cheesy grinnin, you would think I had a good day.

I had a Fantastic day!! I got to see my old neighbor today. and I can assure you this, I was not dissappointed at all.

But still alittle confused, well confused might not be the word Im looking for, but cant think of one right now.

Seeing him for the first time in 30 years. He did not look like anything that I had remembered So I was kinda lost. I would look at him and then think of his real name. and oops mind and eyes were not on the same page!! So alittle bit of the shy and bashful started to come out!! But as we sat there and talked. We ended back at my place, to talk and get to know eachother better.

We sat on the love seat and just talked one on one and face to face. I would look at his face, and there were many times I would look into his eyes. (he has light brown eyes, with dark eye lashes) I was looking for @#%. But I couldnt find him, It had been to many years, of not seeing him. He was a totally different person then I had remembered!!

But as we just sat and chatted, It was real nice. His voice (I love his voice)oops. I had heard his voice on the phone. But now I had that voice right in front of me.

Then in a quite moment, we started softly kissing. The gentle touch of ours lips pressing together. Slightly parting to let our tongues dance. Light licks and soft kisses. (it was so cool).

But as our time, went by so quickly, it was time to go back into town.

Remembering back: cuddling, kissing, (just in general, high school necking)!!

Hes a warm and caring, Tender hearted and a gentle man!!

~Wondering what was my chances of making out with him, 30 years ago?~............(I was only a kid) (12)........He was 17, high school bad boy!!...

~~Cheesy grinnin~~

tmdt4u 61M

12/10/2005 8:43 am

friday seems to have shined well on our A team. Hope you get all your looking for.life is a dream keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars

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