~~*Bitch Mode*~~  

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11/26/2005 6:30 pm

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~~*Bitch Mode*~~

OMG!!! After the good ole holiday cheer, of Thanksgiving. Yesterday, I became the Bitch from Hell! Everybody got, a piece of it, that got in my face or in general just Piss me off!!!!..(Must have been to MUCH turkey!!...LO

And lucky you, follow bloggers, Was spared a fit of dirty talking, that would make a sailor blush!!...I was much better LIVE, I was Great!!..Im Such a Bitch, and Know it!!!

Woke up with the alarm Friday morning, 610am. In a good mood. Not a bitch yet! Was to meet a friend 40 miles away. I got to his house, at 830am, hes not home!! This puts me in Bitch Mode!!

Got back home from being stood up. Call the auto parts store for some prices on parts I need for my car.....and what the FUCK!! They always want a arm or a leg for the parts I need.....That put me in Bitch Mode!!

I go to my room to get on my computer. Go hiding awhile and be byself. And have offlines from the guy that stood me up. Tellin sorry I missed you, and bla bla bla. Me, Still in Bitch Mode, OOPS He got his Ass Chewin, he deserved!!!

After the ass chewin and making him feel like Shit!!....I take my dog out, and He gets away from me. And when he does this, Hes gone like a steak of lighting....Bitch Mode!!!....and Fuck him, he will come back when hes cold or hungry!!!

The other person that I live with, calls and says they get off work two hours earlier than they thought....Bitch Mode....Sometimes I hate people in my space, and this was one of those days!!

So by the time, we get back from town. The person I had picked up, had pissed me off. Put me over the edge in, Bitch Mode, and got an Ass Chewin!

As night was settling in, and I wasnt Bitching. The phone rings, and well we all know what happens......Bitch Mode.....And I gave them a Grand Slam on the phone.....I love giving Grand Slams!!!...lol

Needless to say, I called the night short, and went to bed early!!....in Bitch Mode!!!

P.S. The dog came back, colder than hell, But hes home!!!!

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