~Vent time in the Blog!!...No Biggie~  

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12/11/2005 3:46 pm

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~Vent time in the Blog!!...No Biggie~

I need to Vent Big Time*Bitch Night**

Bitch ONE:
Oh god!! Had to play the angel part of me today!

Which dont come out every often. Why Because I dont go home and I dont go to grandmas, unless Im dragged, to it!! And I hate, that I feel this way. But...Its like theres two of me...One that I like being, *Myself* and then that Damn Angel acting shit I play everytime Im around mom and dad or my grandparents! ...~It Sucks~

So for dinner at grandmas today. I ring the door bell and my mom answers the door. Oh boy, grandma has invited my mom and dad too!! Well great another family dinner. Well its was alright, sittin around and talking about old people I dont know! The FOOD was GOOD!..and even got all the leftovers!!!!...I love them Leftovers!!!..lol...

So sat around for a few hours acting like, the little angel I AM!....and dieing of a smoke!! If you think I have the guts to light a cigarette, YOUR NUTS!! They KNOW I smoke. But the Bitchin that comes with it...NOPE....I can wait until Im in my car and down the street. Thank-you!!..

So we leave finally, back home and just chillin out. No place like HOME!!

Bitch Two:
Christmas Decorations

NOT going to happen around here this year. Why I feel NO need!!......Home life Sucks! and For 2 goddamn years I have ask for shelves to go up over the windows in the living room!!...and they aint up. Im not wasting my time!...This bitch is on strike!!.....Oh yea, they were xmas gifts from my son-in-law...There in his garage all in pieces.

So now I wait until my daughter say something to me about, why I dont have any xmas stuff up!!.....and You know Im going to have a smartass reply to give her!!....lol.......(better, she doesnt catch me on a bad day, things could get bad around here for a few days). and Right before screwing christmas!!!!

Bitch Three:
Not even going there! Going to sit and in the dark and think on this one for awhile!!

Well I dont feel any better. Im out of here. Laters

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