~Cabin Fever-Sharing a DayDream~  

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12/27/2005 7:26 pm

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~Cabin Fever-Sharing a DayDream~

Oh this time of year, hate it. The glory of christmas gone, now what! Ache for warmer weather, so things will start moving again!

My Pic: Us floating on the water, feeling the breeze on us. As the sun warms our skin. We went to the middle of the lake, just to let the boat drift its own way. We set our fishing poles, as our eyes meet.

Lost in the moment, as time stood still. You reach for me, and pull me closer. Our noses meet first, then the feel of your breath, mixes with mine. Our lips brush softly across eachothers. Our arms move around eachother, holding tight. Our lips come together again, this time never parting.

Your hands on my face, pull me back for a moment, to look and to listen. Then as we lean into a kiss again, our lips part and your tongue is in my mouth as far as it would go. I returning the favor! We are like fuckin eachother with our tongues and cant get enough of eachothers kissin.

But to stir things up, I move my hands to your knees and slowly moving then up and down your thighs. Closer I move inward, closer and closer I get to your fly. Slightly brushing your fly with the back of my hand, to tease. I pull back for a moment to grab ahold of your belt and tug!

You get my hint and unloosen your belt. I go straight for the zipper, I slowly I pull it down as far as it would go. COOL no underwear, no hurdles..lol...anyway, I reach inside and feel your cock in my hand. I slowly massage the massive cock u have in your pants. We findly get your pants to your knees. and I go to work on that beautiful cock!!

First, just start with a tease, nibble on just the head, circler motion using my tongue. Start sucking on just the head, in and out slowly, then slowly take your cock to the back of my throat, to give you that surprised that yes I can do that. Then draw your cock back out of my mouth and start licking the sides, up and down, just lickin! Teased until you let out a soft moan. I then start making love to your cock. Sucking it in alittle at a time until it cant go any further, your hips buck up. and your cock goes alittle farther, DAMN~ easeing back alittle, you being to fuck my mouth. The harder I sucked, the harder your cock, got!.

Sliding one of my hand down into my jeans. I began to rub my clit, dippin into my pussy all so hot and wet. I go back to rubbin my clit, in like a jack off motion. While still sucking your cock...You stiffin up and moaning alouder, your gettin ready to cum!, and Me too! YOU shove your cock down my throat and let your load OFF!. I didnt miss a drop. I kept sucking, flippin my tongue around on your sentive head. You pull back !!

OK So I got alittle Cabin Fever and Day Dreaming. At least I shared the thought!!!

Anyway In REAL life, I have lived in my home for 5 years. and the living room needed a change. So I was bored today and took everything off the wall and washed them down and hung my stuff back up a different way. COOL a NEW look!!

OH WELL Good Night!!!

tmdt4u 61M

12/28/2005 5:55 am

Slowly I go through all the x-mas presents finding each and every one and head out the door the jurney. Takes almost an hour and I am there.Cabelas, I am buyin a boat and heading for Indy.Got time to go fishing

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