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rm_DarknStar 54F
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7/24/2006 6:53 pm

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7/25/2006 10:48 am

wooden nickle

It was Monday!

I fought with my computer most of the day. Trying to get my messenger to work. I was ready to put my foot through the damn thing. So I took a break from it.....walked away.....

I got to thinking (yea there was alittle smoke, there) I put two an two together and FIXED IT.
....I can talk to my friends now.

Now having my messenger, is like cutting my throat!

And so same old day, just a Monday! same ole shit!
BORING!.....Guess it was yahell, stepping on my toes today!.....

Oh yea for GP....Im a computer DUMBIE!! LOL YES I need wins 98 for dumbies!.......I miss my xp!

OH YEA!! and something thrown at me tonight!

A FREAKIN ROAD TRIP might be developing in my future! fallinStrgazer came in after work tonight and told me, WE might be going on a roadtrip! OMG to MASS.......I dont know anything about driving fallins youngest daughter to a concert in MASS. Seem where the youngest daughter lives with her grandma. Grandma dont want her to drive that far so young.....SO..she calls her mom fallinStrgazerto ask her if she would drive her to this god freakin concert in MASS.

I think there FUCKING NUTS to drive all the way to MASS to go to a concert......

BUT Who am I to say what to do....IM ONLY FOR THE RIDE!.......I LOVE THE PASSENGER SEAT!

Roadtrip Queens!........lol.....after our last roadtrip and NOW WE know we are CLEAN and NO one is going to JAIL! ............So hell yea I'm IN, if she going to make this TRIP! ....HELL YEA!

yea yea ....Have a Good Night ALL!

funaddict65 53M

7/25/2006 5:17 am

K.......You girls ARE nuts....who are you seeing in concert? Who ever it is they must be worth it.....lol

rm_DarknStar 54F
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7/25/2006 6:56 am

    Quoting funaddict65:
    K.......You girls ARE nuts....who are you seeing in concert? Who ever it is they must be worth it.....lol
Ill have to get back to you on that one, I dont know who is in concert. But fallins daughter wants to go see them and in a BAD way! She 18 and was alittle on the goth side. So this thought is kinda scary to me. But HEll its a road trip!

Cebhion 61M

7/25/2006 8:46 am

LOL1 Have fun!! Yeah Yaheel has been scrrewed up lately.. they are "new" ing and "improving" it again.. lots of bugs and glitches in the system.. just when they get it fixed and running OK, they screw it up again..


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