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7/25/2006 2:06 pm

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7/26/2006 12:08 pm


Well...update on the roadtrip.....it aint going to happen!

Well not to this concert anyway! fallinStrgazer daughter shows up to her moms work today. To talk about this freakin concert. Its in Kingswood MASS, I think I got that right and ITS THIS WEEKEND (Sunday).....

WELL THX for the short notice dear daughter, we cant make it! GEZZZ kids these days. DAMN with such a long drive 13 hours, you could have given us more notice......the daughter has known about this for 3 weeks and now just callin to see if we could take her.....Mum NOPE!

and of all the bands out there.....WHO IN THE HELL ARE THE **Deminted Lemons**?? or however you spell it......GEZZZ I have never heard of them!.....I just knew it was going to be something FREAKIE!!

OH WELL.....maybe next time!

Damnit....I was looking forward to somewhere NEW! NEVER been that far east before!.....damnit damnit damnit!

silverbreeze2 65F

7/26/2006 10:46 am

I never heard of the lemon group either Maybe things will be better next time!

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