the not always the best  

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6/18/2006 8:37 am

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the not always the best


I was the first born, in my family. Daddy's little girl. Then 19 months later, my sister was born. It was me and my sister for nine years. Then my brother was born.

I always felt replaced, after my brother was born. Why, because he was the BOY, now. For before my brother came along, I was dads side kick. I was the tomboy, always hangin with my dad on the farm. Always riding to the stock yards and on the tractors and the everyday bullshit with what goes with farming. I was proud to hang with my dad. But as I got older and my bother took my place. I was a girl, to be left behind with the women in the family. Doing the girlie girl things. This was not the life I enjoyed. I LOVED being with the guys!

My dad never really showed favorites in our family. Us kids, got everything we wanted and needed. Yea I was alittle spoiled back then. Dad worked hard to give us the things, he never had. He worked in a factor for 38 years, and farmed on the side. Farming is his first love!

Out of all three of us kids, Im the spittin imagen of my dad. My god looking in the mirror, I look like him. I act just like him, too! Bullheaded, Stuborn and for all these things, we clashed. We would always fight between the two of us. Me always going to my room hating my father, swearing I WOULD NOT BE LIKE MY FATHER.

NOW older as I sit and remember back to the good old days. I AM just LIKE HIM. I see it everyday, theres times I sound just like him, when I speak. Theres times, I can sit and admit he was RIGHT, where I was WRONG. But he couldnt tell me those things back then. For I was the kid that knew it all and my father was the DUMBASS. Now I wonder who is the bigger DUMBASS. ME or HIM!.

I LOVE my DAD, I respect HIM. I wouldnt change athing about him, hes a good loving, caring MAN. Hes always and still there for us, when we need him. Maybe not with an open wallet, like us three kids would like him to BE. But HE IS THERE!

Have a Great Day ALL

keithcancook 60M
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6/18/2006 9:49 am

This was a wonderful testament to your dad.

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