random **BS**.........  

rm_DarknStar 54F
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8/9/2006 7:50 am

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8/10/2006 9:29 am

random **BS**.........

Hump Day!
in the MIDDLE of the week!

Well.....I'm humping, BUT its not the HUMPIN I would rather be doin!

Work going GOOD and Im still hangin in there!

I visited everybody on my watch list this morning to get caught up and BANG!! its starting to fill up again, as I type!..............damnit!

Fridays my day off from work! and OOPS I talked to *FB* (me so happy, about that) Im going to go and see him Friday evening!......(this will be the first I have seen him in 3 weeks)....

Also at work...manger hired 2 of us to train. Other girl didnt last 4 hours, she left 2 hours before shift was over..........

GUESS who gets all the hours?

I started this thing, thinking I was only gettin 2-3 days a week and NOW I have 35-40+ hours!.........

After NOT working for 9 years, this week has felt alittle like BOOT CAMP!

Im GOOD.......remember I had 2 teeth pulled last week........I saved the pain pills for my JOB, I knew my legs, feet and BACK was going to HURT.....So I pop a pill before I go to work!.....AAWWWW its working and Im gettin through Boot Camp pretty good!!

Soooooooooo.........Have a Good One!!

funaddict65 53M

8/9/2006 12:40 pm

Well let's hope Friday is HUMP DAY for you.......lol

silverbreeze2 65F

8/9/2006 3:38 pm

That is usually how it is with jobs. You start off part time and the next thing you know, your almost working 2 shifts! I guess there is good and bad to that.
Good Luck Friday!

angelofmercy5 58F
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8/9/2006 8:03 pm

Glad to hear the job is going well.....I know that tired feeling!

RevJoseyWales 69M/66F
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8/9/2006 8:15 pm

Just think of the nice checks. Joe

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