old road trip story!  

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4/19/2006 7:48 pm

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old road trip story!

While Im in a bloggin Mood. I was looking back through pictures I have kept while surfing.

Ill share a road trip story with ya!

This picture takes me back to a fucked up time in my life. The building in the pic, is the World Largest Mcdonalds, somewhere in BFE in Oklahoma. (Im sure one of you can tell me right where its at!)...oh well

As my adventure began, I took off for a road trip, leaving Indiana and headed to Oklahoma. I was going there looking for someone. In the mince of the trip, it was a good road trip. But as daylight ran out, it got darker than fuck outside. Hell I didnt really know where I was going. Just following the road, signs, and the good ole MAP!

When in the distance I seen this building right in front of me. Hell I was thinking that the road I was on was going to have a curve in it or something. Because I was headed right for this god for saken building. I started to freak out alittle, I just kept on gettin closer and closer to this building.

Then wham Building was gone. Jeezz christ looking back I had went under this damn building! FUCK! wanting to stop and shake the shit out of my jeans. God damn, What a hell of a place to put a freakin McDonalds.

Needlesstosay, We planned to stop on our way back home, to check that out and see what it was all about.

So on with the road trip, making long story shorter, we did find the person we were looking for. Had a real good stay and they were very nice folks. We stayed 2 nights, then we headed back to IN.

So while traveling back through OK. We came up on that freakin McDonalds. and Yes we did stop and had lunch there. Well jeezz its a must, its a landmark!..lol....

Anyway the one thing that I always thinking about, when thinking about that McDonalds, is the guy that waited on us that day. His name tag, said his name was FUCK....I SO SWEAR IT DID!!...You know with a name tag like that, I had to keep looking at it, to make sure thats what it said...and YES to this day I can still see that name tag in my mind and it said his name was "FUCK"......seems to me theres very odd people that comes out of OKLAHOMA! Im not talking about you redneck!

Anyway that was my adventure to Oklahoma, It was a Mission well done! and made it back safely...Thank god..........and another thing this happen years ago, talking about 15 years or better!

firestarter665 42M/39F

4/20/2006 5:49 am

I want a name tag that says "Hello My Name Is...Fuck Me".

Great story!

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